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Snowmobile Trail Conditions and Advisories

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This advisory page is meant to update state forest visitors about state forest roads, trails and areas that may be closed or altered due to gas drilling activities, road construction, timber harvesting, flooding or other occurrences.

In recent years there has been a marked increase in natural gas activity in state forests in north central Pennsylvania. Visitor experiences and road usage can be impacted by this activity. More information on gas development on state forest lands and maps of leased acres can be found on our "Natural Gas Exploration on State Forest" web site. More information about how DCNR seeks to limit the impacts of gas development to recreation, road use, and public access can be found on our fact sheet.

Before you visit a state forest, it's always a good idea to call the local forest district for the most current advisories. Contact information, state forest maps, and other information can be found at Find a Forest.


Bald Eagle State Forest

The Poe Paddy Tunnel located on the Cherry Run railroad bed that is part of the Mid-State Trail is closed until further notice due to structural issues.


Buchanan State Forest

Abey Road closure, Southampton Township, Bedford County
Buchanan State Forest district office advises forest visitors in the area of Pine Ridge Natural Area and Chaneysville that Abey Road will be closed for bridge replacement. Abey Road will be closed between the intersection with Ragged Mountain Road at the northern end and the intersection with Duffy Road to the south.  The road closure is expected to begin August 19, 2015. The road should reopen by October 31, 2015.

Keefer Road closure, Letterkenny Township, Franklin County
Buchanan State Forest district office advises visitors to the Bear Valley area that a section of Keefer Road between the picnic area and Upper Horse Valley road will be closed for the replacement of two bridges. Routes to access the picnic area are the southern end of Bear Valley Road from Ft Loudon and travel north 11 miles, or the northern end of Bear Valley Road from Upper Strasburg Road and travel south 2.5 miles to the picnic area. Closure is expected to begin August 24, 2015 and be completed by October 30, 2015.

Questions can be directed to the district office at:
Buchanan State Forest
440 Buchanan Trail
McConnellsburg, PA  17233


Clear Creek State Forest

Corbett Road will be closed from July 21 to 19 August for installation of a box culvert near its intersection with Rt 949. The culvert and bridge on Corbett Road will be replaced - this work will take approximately 3 months. Upon completion of the box culvert, Corbett Road will open for public access to Little Clear Creek Road. The bridge replacement over Clear Creek will continue with a completion date of October 31, 2014. Construction delays could extend the road closure into November.
Camp owners will have full access to camps on Corbett Road near the bridge as will the NFG well-tenders servicing gas wells.
The Beartown Rocks Vista remains open throughout construction, Visitor access will be by way of Spring Creek Road.


Cornplanter State Forest

Due to oil development, trails in the eastern portion of the Hunter Run Division are being affected by road construction as well as increased traffic. Visitors should proceed with caution in areas of drilling activity.


Delaware State Forest

Road Resurfacing
As part of PPL Electric Utilities' commitment to DCNR for use of forestry roads, a contractor will resurface roads affected by PPL's Susquehanna-Roseland Project during July and August.

Road closures will be necessary according to the following schedule:
Beaver Run Road – July 28 – 29
Highline Spur Road – July 30
High Knob Road – July 29 – August 4
Hobday Road – July 31 – August 3, and again on August 11 – 13
Pine Flats Road – August 10 – 11, and again on August 20 – 25
Highline Road – Full length closure August 4 – 7, then the northern half only until August 10, and the southern half only between August 14 – 19.

We appreciate your cooperation with this project.  Any questions may be directed to PPL's Allentown office at 610-774-5341. Read PPL's letter to forest camp lease holders.


Gallitzin State Forest

Buffalo Road will be closed from noon Friday, Feb. 13 until noon Tuesday, Feb. 17.  This is a precautionary safety measure to prevent vehicles becoming stranded under the extremely cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills predicted for the weekend.  Snowmobiles will still be able to access the road.  Cars and trucks may use Hollow Road as an alternate route. Address any questions to the district office at 814-472-1862 or email


Loyalsock State Forest
Before traveling visitors should contact the Resource Management Center for updates at 570-946-4049 or by email to

Loyalsock Trail Detour
The Loyalsock Trail will be detoured in mid-August for a bridge renovation project.  Work on the historical iron truss bridge over the Loyalsock Creek on Rock Run Road at CCC Camp 95 in Sullivan County will commence in early June.  Vehicle or hiking traffic will not be impeded until the decking is removed in mid-August.  At that time hikers will need to ford the stream at a location upstream of the bridge.  The District staff will flag the best fording location prior to the bridge deck being removed.

2015 Planned Road Closures & Road Maintenance Activities

Loyalsock State Forest maintenance crews and contractors temporarily close State Forest roads to perform road maintenance activities, such as, culvert replacements, resurfacing, bridge work and other necessary tasks.  The following roads have work scheduled for 2015 and may be closed temporarily, during the work day or overnight:

Dry Run Road (Sullivan Co.) – full-depth reclamation work from the Hillsgrove Maintenance Station snowmobile parking lot up to the end of the pavement, beyond Dry Run Picnic Area, will begin on Wednesday, August 19th.  This section of Dry Run road will be closed to all traffic starting on the 19th and will remain closed until the project is completed and the DSA can withstand traffic, which could be Thursday the 27th or later depending on weather and operational conditions.  The gates will be closed at the parking lot and on the other end at Loyalsock Trail crossing/trailhead.  There will be no access to the Dry Run Picnic area or Dry Run Falls during this time.

Rock Run Road (Sullivan Co.) – The iron bridge over Loyalsock Creek is scheduled for rehab starting on Monday, October 5th.  Lycoming Supply will be repairing the Rt. 154 side abutment and spot painting the bridge.  The bridge will be closed to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic for a period of three weeks, or until repairs are completed.  The parking lot near the abutment will also be closed to vehicle parking, and used as a staging area for equipment and materials.   Loyalsock Trail users will be required to ford Loyalsock Creek at their own risk, or utilize the Link Trail to avoid the crossing.

Rock Run Road (Sullivan Co.) from the iron bridge to Loyalsock Road intersection near Sones Pond will be resurfaced with Driving Surface Aggregate.  Road will be closed during the work day.  Mid to late September is the target date.

High Knob Road from World’s End Road to the loop and Dry Run Road (Sullivan Co.) from Route 87 to the gate – full-width paving and shoulder stabilization by PennDoT will occur the last week in September.  Roads will be closed to all traffic during the work day.  They anticipate 3-4 days to complete the operation.

Unplanned road closures for maintenance activities and weather emergencies can occur throughout the year, so calling in advanced of your visit to the Loyalsock State Forest is always a good idea.  Other road maintenance projects which don’t require a road closure, also occur throughout the year.  For your safety and the safety of our workers, please observe and obey traffic signage.


Moshannon State Forest

Four Mile Road: Open to the public but heavy truck traffic should be expected due to gas development. Drivers should be aware of increased height of road berms and soft road shoulders.

McGeorge and Lower McGeorge Roads: Open to the public but heavy truck traffic should be expected.


Rothrock State Forest

Laurel Run Road – Rothrock State Forest staff plan to re-grade and compact a section of Laurel Run Road through Whipple Dam State Park in Jackson Township, Huntingdon County starting Monday, August 3 through August 6. This schedule is weather dependent and could be delayed by rain. This work will impact Whipple Dam State Park visitor entrances. Laurel Run Road will be closed to traffic during the work day and park visitors should use the winter access entrance during this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

The northern end of Laurel Run Road near the Bear Meadows Road intersection in Harris Township, Centre County will be closed to through traffic beginning August 3, 2015 to replace a failing culvert. This work is anticipated to take about one month.  No run-around will be established.


Sproul State Forest

Whiskey Springs ATV Trail is closed. A large-scale, abandoned mine reclamation project in Sproul State Forest necessitates closing the entire Whiskey Springs ATV Trail. The Huling Branch reclamation project, covering 100 acres, will reduce acid mine drainage and eliminate public health and safety concerns related to dangerous high-walls. Heavy truck and equipment traffic and construction site safety and security require complete closure of the area. Details are available on this Huling Branch Reclamation Project factsheet.
The nearby Bloody Skillet ATV Trail and the Denton Hill ATV Trail System offer alternative ATV facilities. Maps, directions and other details can be found at

Beech Creek and ShoemakerRoads: Increased traffic due to gas development is expected. There are no travel restrictions at this time.

Ritchie Road will be impacted due to a natural gas pipeline under construction from Hyner Mountain Road to Old View Road. Expect heavy truck traffic.

Pats Ridge Road will have a guard station for natural gas activity just beyond the power line corridor. The last quarter mile of this road is closed to public travel.

Benson Road will be impacted by the construction of a new entrance from Rte. 44. Expect heavy gas truck traffic.

Dry Run Road will be impacted by gas development. Expect heavy truck traffic.

Carrier Road will be impacted by gas development from Haneyville to Ponderosa. Expect heavy gas truck traffic.

Route 144 from State Game Lands 100 to Allen Dam road heavy gas truck traffic is expected.


Susquehannock State Forest

Card Creek Road: Open to public travel but be aware of ongoing natural gas activity. Expect heavy trucks and other gas related traffic. Several pull offs have been installed along the road to aid in passing oncoming vehicles.

Big Fill Haul Road: This gated road is currently being impacted by natural gas activity. The road can still be used for walk in access for hunters and other recreational users as it has traditionally. Parking is still available in the area between Rte. 6 and the gate. Be alert for heavy truck and other gas related traffic.


Tiadaghton State Forest

Pond Road (a.k.a. Miller Road), west of Ravensburg State Park will be closed until road conditions improve and repairs can be completed. 

Narrow Gauge Road: Heavy gas activity is expected. Drive with caution.

Francis Camp Road: Heavy gas activity is expected. Drive with caution.

Lebo Vista Road: Heavy gas activity is expected. Drive with caution.

Browns Run Road: Heavy gas activity is expected. Drive with caution.

Sinking Springs Road: Heavy gas activity is expected. Drive with caution.

Bull Run Road: Heavy gas activity is expected. Drive with caution.

Big Springs Road: Heavy gas activity is expected. Drive with caution.

Limbaugh Road: Heavy gas activity is expected. Drive with caution.

Parker Road: Heavy gas activity is expected. Drive with caution.

Ramsey Road: Heavy gas activity is expected. Drive with caution.

Okome Road: Heavy gas activity is expected. Drive with caution.


Tioga State Forest

Asaph Area, Tioga County
Tioga State Forest will close the following roads periodically between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday effective immediately until approximately mid-August 2015:

Asaph RoadLeft Asaph RoadRight Asaph Road
Sand RoadHessel Gessel RoadStraight Run Road
Spoor Hollow RoadGoodall Road 

These roads will be closed periodically due to culvert pipe replacements, road resurfacing and brush cutting along roadways. Any questions regarding the road closings can be addressed at the Tioga State Forest District Office at (570) 724-2868.

Landrus Road Bridge Replacement, Tioga County
The Tioga State Forest staff will replace a bridge over Lick Creek in Bloss Township, Tioga County. The bridge is located one mile East of Arnot on the Landrus Road. No runaround for public use will be available during construction. The locations of the road closure gates during construction will be at the power line and Silver Run. This section of road between the gates will be closed to the public effective June 10, 2015, until the bridge replacement has been completed. The contractor is expected to complete the project by July 13, 2015. Any questions regarding the bridge replacement can be addressed at the Tioga State Forest District Office at (570) 724-2868.

Old Supply Trail and Quarry Trail are closed due to a combination of road conditions and active timber sales.


Tuscarora State Forest

Sugar Springs Haul Road in Juniata County is closed due to poor road conditions.

Doubling Gap Road and North Slope Road: The SR 233 entrance to Doubling Gap Road is now closed. Access is now through the Colonel Denning State Park.


Weiser State Forest

Most of the Weiser State Forest tracts are located on ridges and valleys. Access can be challenging and difficult to many of the parcels. Visitors should be physically prepared and properly dressed when planning a trip to these areas. A number of the tracts are accessible by foot travel only. Several of our tracts contain roads maintained for public access. Visitors should use caution because many of our roads are on steep hillsides making them susceptible to rough conditions and unsuitable for low clearance vehicles. Roads do become icy because they do not receive winter maintenance.