Rothrock State Forest

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Rothrock Maps

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Rothrock State Forest is named for Dr. Joseph Trimble Rothrock, a native of Mifflin County and the Commonwealth’s first forestry commissioner. He is recognized as the “Father of Forestry” in Pennsylvania. Rothrock State Forest comprises 96,975 acres that spread across the rugged ridges of Huntingdon, Centre and Mifflin counties.

Musser Gap Trail Improvements

Beginning Monday, January 11 Rothrock District staff will be working on improvements to the Musser Gap Trail.  The work will entail correcting long term erosion problems and placing a new trail surface.  The work area will be from the trailhead parking area to about the first stream crossing.  There will be extensive heavy truck and equipment traffic.  If utilizing the area, please use extreme caution.  BE AWARE THAT THE AREA MAY BE POSTED CLOSED DURING WORK HOURS, WHICH WILL BE APPROXIMATELY 8 AM TO 3:30 PM.  Weather depending, the work may extend through January 22.

Questions may be addressed to Mark Potter, District Forester at 814-643-2340.
Thank you for your patience, as we make our way closer to completing this trail project.

Don't Move Firewood

To help protect the forest from invasive insects that can kill trees and devastate the ecosystem, please do not transport firewood over long distances. Firewood can harbor insects such as emerald ash borer. Cut or purchase your firewood where you intend to burn it.