Tioga State Forest

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Tioga Maps

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Tioga State Forest derives its name from the Seneca phrase "meeting of two rivers." It covers 161,890 acres in Bradford and Tioga counties. The forest hosts the Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the "Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania." Tioga features awe-inspiring views and miles of clean, cool streams, like Cedar Run and Babbs Creek and is one of eight state forests located in the PA Wilds region.

Snowmobile Trails Closed
The Armenia Mountain Snowmobile Trail System will be closed till further notice. Due to gas exploration and active logging all of the roads in that area will be plowed this winter. A new trail system is in the process of being developed. We thank you for your understanding and patience.
Road Closures
Old Supply Trail and Quarry Trail are closed due to a combination of road conditions and active timber sales.
Don't Move Firewood
To help protect the forest from invasive insects that can kill trees and devastate the ecosystem, please do not transport firewood over long distances. Firewood can harbor insects such as emerald ash borer. Cut or purchase your firewood where you intend to burn it.