Weiser State Forest

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Weiser Maps

Detailed maps can help you plan your trip. Download the public use map and other trail and recreational activity maps.


Weiser State Forest is located in the ridge-and-valley region of eastern PA. Named for the frontier diplomat, Conrad Weiser, the forest covers almost 30,000 acres on 16 tracts throughout the region. Weiser also encompasses a series of river islands on the Susquehanna River called the Sheets Island Archipelago.

Treacherous Road Conditions

Radar Hill Road, Greenland tract: Use caution, Radar Hill Road is in VERY ROUGH CONDITION due to wash outs and exposed rocks.  We recommend only high-clearance vehicles attempt to use Radar Hill Road. Other access the State Forest by using Greenland Road off SR 325.


Timber Harvesting

Taylorsville tract– Off of Bull Road, 190 acres, timber harvest complete, retirement and seeding forthcoming.

Second Mountain tract-One mile west of Second Mountain Road, 174 acres, timber harvest in progress.

Roaring Creek tract-One mile east of SR 54 along Roaring Creek Trail, 147 acres, timber harvest complete, retirement and seeding forthcoming.


Herbicide Projects

Roaring Creek Tract - ½ -3/4 mile east of SR 42 near bottom of valley, target species; Japanese barberry management, herbicide active ingredient; glyphosate, retreatment anticipated August-early September.

Haldeman Tract - hang gliding launch site off Wolf Pond Road, target species crown vetch management, herbicide active ingredient clopyralid, treating on 8/21/15


Operation and Maintenance Projects

Haldeman Tract - White Oak Road, equine campsite construction, work in progress

Roaring Creek Tract - west of SR 42 across from Weiser Resource Management Center, “RMC,” Portion of Big Mountain Trail, (shared use trail-bike, hike, equine), trail maintenance.

Roaring Creek Tract - Weiser Resource Management Center, “RMC,” south end of RMC parking area, new trail construction underway.

Haldeman Tract - Lykens Road, mowing maintenance along both sides of road in preparation for Driving Surface Aggregate “DSA” fall of 2015.



Port Clinton Tract - around lower parking area, “Game of Logging,” (timber falling training),  every Tuesday and Wednesday, through November 2015.

Roaring Creek Tract - Weiser Resource Management Center, “RMC,” lobby will be receiving a professionally designed and installed visitors center communicating information and education items about the Weiser Forest District, Bureau of Forestry, local wild flora, fauna, and regional links to forestry past and present. Projected anticipated to start on August 24, 2015.


General Advisories

Most of the Weiser State Forest tracts are located on ridges and valleys. Access can be challenging and difficult to many of the parcels. Visitors should be physically prepared and properly dressed when planning a trip to these areas. A number of the tracts are accessible by foot travel only. Several of our tracts contain roads maintained for public access. Visitors should use caution because many of our roads are on steep hillsides making them susceptible to rough conditions and unsuitable for low clearance vehicles. Roads do become icy because they do not receive winter maintenance.

The Weiser State Forest-Roaring Creek Tract in southern Columbia and Northumberland Counties is a special regulated area because of restrictions placed on the deed at the time of purchase. Visitors should familiarize themselves with these special rules posted at the entrances to the parcel.

The Port Clinton Tract located in Southern Schuylkill County is considered a protected area for timber rattlesnakes. The taking of rattlesnakes is prohibited on this tract, including individuals holding a valid rattlesnake permit.

The district has oversight of those river islands within the district where the DCNR holds title along the North, West and Main stems of the Susquehanna River. State Forest Rules and Regulations apply on these lands. Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Regulations apply for fishing and boating.


Don't Move Firewood

To help protect the forest from invasive insects that can kill trees and devastate the ecosystem, please do not transport firewood over long distances. Firewood can harbor insects such as emerald ash borer. Cut or purchase your firewood where you intend to burn it.