Wildland Fire

DCNR Bureau of Forestry is responsible for protecting the Commonwealth's 17 million acres of public and private wildlands from damage by wildfire. This is accomplished by a combination of wildfire prevention, preparedness, suppression and investigation. The bureau works with fire wardens and volunteer fire departments to promote the latest advances in fire prevention and suppression.


Wildfire in Pennsylvania

Learn about wildfires in PA. Compare statewide wildfire statistics recorded since 1913. Find out what to do after a fire has occurred here.

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Check the latest information about posted county burn bans, fire danger conditions and warnings and any wildfires burning nationwide.


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Wildfire Prevention 
for Home & Community

Learn to reduce your risk from wildfire. Firewise communities start here.

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Volunteer Fire Departments

Local fire companies seeking resources to combat wildfires should investigate these options. 


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Wildland Fire Crews

Pennsylvania wildland firefighters battle blazes throughout the nation.

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Wildfire Education

Download puzzles and drawings featuring Smokey Bear and other education resources from our wildfire prevention page.


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Prescribed Fire

The controlled use of fire can reduce wildfire hazards, aid reforestation or improve habitat. Download a summary of historical statistics 2010-2014.

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Pennsylvania Forest Fire Wardens

Learn more about Pennsylvania forest fire wardens and becoming a volunteer wildland firefighter.