Prescribed Fire

Firefighter monitors a controled burn

Pennsylvania Prescribed Fire Standards

Review the Pennsylvania prescribed fire standards before planning your burn. 

wildfire approaches a community

Air Quality Index Conditions

Essential information for planning a prescribed fire includes the current air quality index conditions from


Prescribed fire, also known as "controlled" burning is the planned use of fire under predetermined weather and fuel parameters to obtain specific management objectives; . Prescribed burning is a critical management tool that can benefit Pennsylvania's forests, wildlife and environment, and also helps reduce the impact of wildfire hazards. Prescribed fire is especially important in Pennsylvania due to the large amount of land in the Wildland/Urban Interface.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly recognized the importance of prescribed burning in the Pennsylvania Prescribed Burning Practices Act. This act also provides requirements for the regulation and implementation of prescribed burning in Pennsylvania.

Download historical data on use of prescribed fire.

Additional information can be found on the Pennsylvania Prescribed Fire Council web site. 

Downloadable Forms:

A blank Prescribed Burn Plan Template

A blank Prescribed Fire Complexity Rating form