Pennsylvania Forest Fire Wardens

Forest Fire Wardens have been engaged in forest fire protection work in Pennsylvania for over 100 years.  Their authority and responsibility is established by legislative mandate and their work guided by policy and practice.  Properly trained local forest fire wardens are appointed primarily to detect, extinguish, and investigate wildfires. Wardens actively promote fire prevention in their community.  They may be assigned other duties such as serving as a patrolman or watchman. Fire wardens are expected to assemble and train a crew of wildland firefighters that are available to respond, under their direction, to wildland fires in the Commonwealth. 
The need for the appointment of a local forest fire warden is determined by the district forest fire warden.  When an individual is identified as a candidate, they are provided with an overview of the local district protection program and are assisted in acquiring the training and experience necessary prior to their appointment.  If you are interested in becoming a Pennsylvania Forest Fire Warden contact your local forest district office.

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If you are interested in wildland firefighter training and becoming a volunteer wildfire fighter contact your local forest district office.