Consulting Foresters


Hiring a Forester Brochure

This brief brochure outlines the benefits of hiring a professional forester and provides details on how to go about the process.  Download it here.


Consulting Foresters List

DCNR maintains a list of consulting foresters and forest plan writers who must meet certain training and educational criteria. Click here to download the county by county list (Use bookmarks to travel to any county page. Icon definitions are at the end of the document).

Plan writing

How to Choose a Forester

Click here for brief guidance on selecting a consulting forester.


A consulting forester works for private landowners to help them with the management of their forest or woodlot.   Some of the services commonly offered by professional foresters include:

  • Long and short-term forest management planning
  • Timber sale administration
  • Tax and estate planning
  • Resource valuation
  • Wildlife habitat management
  • Project implementation
  • And much more...


Some of the myriad benefits of hiring a consulting forester include:

  • They work for YOU, with your goals in mind
  • They know the current markets and trends
  • They know the science of timber management for multiple values
  • They will inspect harvesting operations to ensure that the contract is upheld
  • They may perform other technical services that ensure the long-term health and sustainability of your forest
  • And timbersales run by consulting foresters generally net larger profits for the landowner


How do you start the process of locating and hiring a consulting forester?  Here are some materials to assist you in selecting and working with a consulting forester on your property.