Forest Stewardship Bulletins

Forest stewardship is the wise management and use of our forest resources to ensure their health and productivity for years to come. To help private landowners in that endeavor, these bulletins were developed through a partnership with DCNR and Penn State University. Use these Forest Stewardship Bulletins to learn more about how to enhance wildlife habitat, protect streams, conserve native plants, manage timber harvests, and develop a management plan for your forest or woodlot. To receive hard copies of these bulletins please visit Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences publication request site.


Our Link to the Past-Our Legacy to the Future

Learn how proper management can help you leave a healthy forest legacy for the future.


Sources of Information and Guidance for Forest Stewards

Find information to help guide the management of your woodlot.



Teaching Youth About Forest Stewardship

Empower youth to meet the challenge to sustain the forests they will inherit and pass on to their children.



Learn the lingo that will help you better understand forest stewardship practices and aid in communication with natural resource managers.




Discover how to manage your woodlot for wildlife-an integral part of any healthy forest community.


Planning Your Forest's Future

A good plan can keep your forest land healthy and productive for many years to come.



Timber Harvesting: An Essential Management Tool

Harvesting timber can bring you income and have a lasting, positive effect on your forest.


Planning for Beauty and Enjoyment

Manage your property with aesthetics and recreation in mind.



Understanding and Conserving Biological Wealth in Our Forests

Find out how our forests contribute to our biological wealth and why we need to conserve natural diversity.


Watershed Management

Explore the ways your forest land is important to the watershed and what you can do to protect it.



Earning Income from Your Forestland

Produce income from your forest while preserving the beauty, wildlife, and recreational value of the land.


Best Management Practices for Pennsylvania Forests

Discover current best management practices for our forests and how to employ them on your property.



Estate Planning

Design an estate plan that will help secure the future of your forested lands.

sf-sm-backyard trees

Backyard Trees

Explore the benefits of backyard trees and how to properly select, plant, and care for them.



Regenerating Hardwood Forests: Managing Competing Plants, Deer, and Light

Find out how to improve regeneration on your land by effectively managing competing vegetation and deer as well as the amount of light that reaches the forest floor.