Your Woods

Private landowners hold more than 70 percent of Pennsylvania's forests and woodlots. As one of those landowners, wisely managing your woods can provide you with many benefits such as income, recreation or other goals you may have. Wise management is also important to conserving the state's natural resources and ensuring healthy, vibrant forests into the future. Here you will find all the information you'll need to guide you in managing your forest or woodlot.


Service Foresters

Service foresters work for the Bureau of Forestry and provide private landowners with advice and guidance on how to manage their forested lands. Find contact information for the service forester in your area here.


Forest Management Publications

These publications cover a variety of topics and were designed to help landowners manage their property. Find answers to many management and stewardship topics here.



Stream Buffers

Find out how planting stream buffers protects and enhances the commonwealth's watersheds.


Forest Management and Sustainability

Managing your forest or woodlot in a sustainable manner may require considerable investments in time and money. How do you cover those costs now, when income from a timber harvest may be many years away? This section can help.



Consulting Foresters

A consulting forester works for private landowners to help them with the management of their forest or woodlot. DCNR maintains a list of consulting foresters who must meet certain training and educational criteria, along with other resources to guide you through the process. Click here for guidance in selecting a consulting forester.

Plan writing

Partner Programs

The Bureau works with a variety of organizations in the state to assist and educate private forestland owners. Learn about our partners and their programs here.


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Program Accomplishments

Review or download recent accomplishment reports.

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