Partner Organizations and Programs

With more than 730,000 private forest landowners in Pennsylvania, the Bureau of Forestry can't reach them all on our own.  We rely on a variety of partner organizations across the state to assist us with the education and outreach of these forest and woodlot owners.  Their programs can assist you in managing your working forest in a sustainable manner.


Penn State Extension


DCNR partners with Penn State to provide assistance to private forest landowners. Get additional information here to make informed decisions about forest resources.


Pennsylvania Game Commission

The Game Commission's landowner programs can help you create wildlife habitat on your lands or manage existing forestland for a variety of species.


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Young Forest Project

Young forests are essential for many different animals. Unfortunately, the amount of young forest on the landscape has dwindled over the last 50 years, and many kinds of wildlife that need this habitat have experienced significant drops in their populations. This program aims to reverse that trend.


Fish and Boat Commission

The Fish and Boat Commission maintains an active habitat management program that helps private landowners in the stewardship of their lands.



Golden Winged Warbler Program

The golden winged warbler has undergone significant population declines in the Appalachian region. These birds many other species depend upon shrubby, early successional habitats including forest clear-cuts, areas harvested for timber, and utility rights-of way.  This program works with forest landowners to create the perfect habitat for these important indicator species.

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Woodland Owners Associations

Connect with other forest landowners in your area and learn more about managing your woodlot.



Forest Stewards

Pennsylvania Forest Stewards volunteers are part of the Pennsylvania Forest Stewardship Program. The program provides forestland owners with information and assistance to promote healthy and productive forests.


The Pennsylvania Forestry Association

Find valuable private land management guidance here.


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Forestry for the Bay

Find out how you can manage your forest land to help protect the Chesapeake Bay.