Current Recruiting Needs

DCNR Salaried Positions

DCNR fills a variety of positions using lists of eligible candidates provided by the State Civil Service Commission.  Generally, these positions require the applicant complete a Civil Service application and submit it according to the instructions provided in the application and test announcement.  If you apply for a job that requires a written, oral, or performance examination, use on line scheduling report for testing.  For some jobs, you will be rated based on your experience and training provided in your application materials.  The State Civil Service Commission will send you the results of your examination or rating.  If you pass the test and meet the minimum requirements of the position, your name is placed on the list of eligible candidates that may be considered for employment based on your score.  The majority of DCNR positions are filled from this pool of eligible candidates.  When we have a vacancy, we will request a list of eligible candidates from which to interview for that job title.  We normally interview the highest ranking candidates on an eligible list.

Job titles used by DCNR for which the State Civil Service Commission is accepting applications include:


We appreciate your interest in employment with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.  If you have any questions, please contact:
Bureau of Human Resources
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Telephone 717-787-8737
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