Regular Salaried and Seasonal Wage Employment

The Department of Conservation and NaturalHiking-5 Resources (DCNR) consists of approximately 1,300 regular (salaried) and 1,600 seasonal (wage) positions. The following steps describe the basic process to follow in order to be eligible for our regular salaried or seasonal wage Civil Service positions.

  1. The State Civil Service Commission web site provides an up-to-date Summary of Civil Service Examinations and the "Test Announcement" which provides more information for each job title. Review the Summary of Civil Service Examinations and locate the job title(s) that interest you. This will tell you how long applications will be accepted for that job title. A new Summary is available biweekly.
  2. If you believe you meet the required qualifications, you must complete a Civil Service Application for Employment/Promotion. Send this and all supporting documents that may be required to the State Civil Service Commission, unless the Test Announcement specifies otherwise; e.g., Lifeguard and Semi-Skilled Laborer applications. Follow the instructions in each announcement.
  3. Use the State Civil Service Commission site to schedule yourself for the appropriate examination. This may be a written test, an oral test, or may be a rating of your education and experience.
  4. The State Civil Service Commission will send you a notice telling you the results of your examination. If you were successful, you will be placed on the List of Eligibles. You will be ranked with the other successful applicants in the order of your scores.
  5. Whenever job openings occur, we contact those on the List of Eligibles in the order of their scores for the specific job and location. The top three highest scoring eligible candidates who indicate an interest in the position, those whose score ties the third score, and availability for the work location will be contacted for an interview. (The number to be contacted is dependent upon Veteran's Preference and tied scores.)


To obtain applications/announcements you may contact DCNR's Bureau of Human Resources at (717)787-8737; the nearest PA Job Service Office (listed in the Government Section, the blue pages, in your telephone book); or the State Civil Service Commission Office at one of their three offices listed below:

Strawberry Square Complex
320 Market Street, Second Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17108
Telephone: (717) 783-3058 or
TTY (717) 772-2685

10 South Eleventh Street, Second Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Telephone: (215) 560-2253 or
TTY (215) 560-4367

Western Regional Office
411 Seventh Avenue, Room 410
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Telephone: (412) 565-7666 or
TTY (412) 565-2484

We appreciate your interest in employment with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. If you have any questions, please contact:

Bureau of Human Resources
PO Box 8768
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8768
Telephone 717-787-8737
Fax 717-783-0220

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
is proud to be an equal opportunity employer supporting workforce diversity."