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Civil Service
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Civil Service

More than 90% of the positions within the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) are covered by the Pennsylvania Civil Service Act and nearly all of these positions require Pennsylvania residency to apply. The State Civil Service Commission is responsible for conducting examination programs for these positions when there is a need anticipated for more candidates than exist on current employment lists. The Commission's web site provides current information on exam schedules and application procedures, and can be viewed by clicking on their link highlighted above.

The following is a listing of the Civil Service job titles used by the Department (list is subject to change):

Administrative and Clerical
Administrative Assistant
Budget Analyst
Clerks and Clerk Typist
Purchasing Agent

Law Enforcement and Safety
Lifeguard and Lifeguard Supervisor
Lake Erie Lifeguard and Lifeguard Supervisor
Forest Patrolman
DCNR Ranger
Park Ranger

Computer Science
Information Technology Generalist
Network Specialist
Web Specialist
Application Developer

Trades and Maintenance
Automotive Mechanic
Diesel Mechanic
Equipment Operator
Maintenance Repairman
Park Maintenance Supervisors
Semi-Skilled Laborer
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Water Treatment Plant Operator

Engineering and Environmental Control Architectural Designer
Cartographic Drafter
Civil Engineer
Drafter and Drafter Designer
Ecological Program Specialist
Envrionmental Education Specialist
Environmental Interpretive Technician
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Planner
Environmental Project Inspectors
Forest Assistant Manager
Forest Program Specialst
Forest Technician
Geologic Trainee and Geologic Specialist
Landscape Designer
Natural Resource Specialist
Part Manager Trainee
Real Estate Technician
Recreation and Parks Advisors
Sewage Treatment Plant Operator


These regular salaried and seasonal wage Civil Service positions are filled through merit selection procedures in accordance with the Civil Service Act and Rules. Click on the links to go to the State Civil Service Commission's web site to see which exams are open or scheduled.

Non-Civil Service

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) also utilizes non-Civil Service positions. These positions include: Clerks, Laborers, Custodial Workers, Food Service Workers and other designated positions. These are used primarily for seasonal wage employment..

Candidates for non-Civil Service positions are referred to us by the Bureau of State Employment.  In order to be considered for these positions, you can apply at www.employment.pa.gov. Click here for your local PA CareerLink Office.

We appreciate your interest in employment with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. If you have any questions, please contact:

Bureau of Human Resources
PO Box 8768
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8768
Telephone 717-787-8737
Fax 717-783-0220


"The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
is proud to be an equal opportunity employer supporting workforce diversity."