Procedure for Informal Requests for Records

DCNR Procedure for Informal Requests for Records (in printable PDF Document)

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) is committed to making its public records easily available to persons requesting them. The procedure below explains how to informally ask for records from DCNR. If you choose this informal method and are not satisfied with DCNR’s response, you are free to submit a formal Right-to-Know Law request for the records at any time—see DCNR Policy for Responding to Right-To-Know Law Requests.

A. Informal Request

We suggest that you first check this website for the information you are seeking. If you cannot find the information on our website, we encourage you to contact DCNR staff. Contact information can be found at our Bureaus page for DCNR offices and bureaus. If you need help finding the appropriate contact person, please call DCNR at 717-787-2869 (TTY, 1-800-654-5984) or email

Media requests for information that are not made under the Right-to-Know Law should be directed to DCNR’s Press Secretary, Christina Novak, at 717-772- 9101 or

B. Response

DCNR staff will do all it can to provide you with the records you seek in a time frame that meets your needs. If we cannot give you the requested records we will explain why—for example, we may not have the records or we may consider them to be confidential. If we cannot provide the records within your requested time frame, we will explain why extra time is needed.

C. Fees

Fee schedule:

  • DCNR will charge $.25 per page for photocopies, although on-site photocopying may be at a reduced rate of $.15, at the discretion of DCNR. A page is one side of a black-and-white 8.5” x 11” page.
  • DCNR may waive duplication fees for 20 pages or less.
  • DCNR will charge $1 per copy for certified copies, when requested.
  • DCNR will charge the actual cost for facsimile, microfiche or other media, as well as for specialized documents, such as blue prints, color copies, non-standard sized documents.
  • DCNR will charge the actual cost of postage, except that postage under $1 will be waived.
  • In addition to the above fees, DCNR reserves the right, in appropriate cases, to charge reasonable fees for necessarily incurred costs.

Form of payment:

Payment shall be made by check or money order payable to “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” Cash will not be accepted.

Time of payment:

  • Payment will be due prior to providing access to the records.
  • When DCNR has processed a request for records and determined that the fee will be less than $25, DCNR may provide the records without requiring payment in advance.
  • If the estimated fee for records exceeds $100, DCNR may require payment of the estimated fee before processing the request.