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This impressive brick structure is the snackbar at Gifford Pinchot State Park, Pennsylvania.

Concession Opportunities

A listing of current concession bid opportunities.

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The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' (DCNR) Bureau of State Parks has more than 150 Concession Lease Agreements that cover concession operations such as food and refreshment sales, watercraft rentals, bicycle rentals, restaurant operations, golf course operations, whitewater rafting operations, etc.

The purpose of this web page is to provide prospective concessionaires or those who have recently been awarded a concession lease agreement by the Bureau of State Parks general information relative to the operation of a state park concession and the Concession Lease Agreement.

Each concession operation is covered by a Concession Lease Agreement that contains some terms and conditions that are the same for all agreements and additional terms and conditions that are tailored to each agreement to meet the requirements of the particular operation.

The information provided is by necessity general in nature. Specific contract language will supercede any statements or information that may be found on this webpage.

Becoming a State Park Concessionaire

The Bureau of State Parks generally awards concessions through a competitive bid process. If you want to receive notice of concessions as they are released for competitive bid, please visit our State Park bid page at: Once on the bid page you will see what Concessions are currently up for bid. Click on "document" under download contract. This will bring up a log in screen (provide link) where you will be able to create a profile. Once you have created a profile you will be sent email notifications, for the Parks you signed up for, when a concession lease opportunity arises.

You may also contact the Program Services Section at 717-787-8800 if you have any other questions relative to the Bureau of State Parks' Concession Program.sp-locustlake-campstore

If after review of the bidding announcement you're interested in bidding on an available concession, you will need to obtain a bid package directly from the involved park. It is strongly recommended that you view the leased premise at the State Park before you bid.

After receipt of the bidder's package you will need to read all information and follow the directions relative to completion of the Invitation To Bidders and Concession Lease Agreement Proposal Form. The Invitation to Bid must be returned in the envelope provided.

Sometimes a Request For Proposal (RFP) approach is used. Contracts resulting from the RFP process are awarded to the proposer with the highest scored proposal.


The completed form accompanied by a Bid Guaranty that must equal 10% of the LUMP SUM ANNUAL PAYMENT BID must be returned to the listed address by the time and date listed. Personal checks are not accepted.

On the listed time and date, competitive bids received are opened by legal staff of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and Bureau of State Parks staff is informed as to who the acceptable bidder(s) are. The Commonwealth has the right to reject any and all bids.

After the bid opening, results will be posted on the State Park's Bid page. If no problems have been encountered at the time of the bid opening or there are no questions relative to the highest responsible bidder, the Bureau of State Parks will award the concession to the highest responsible bidder.