Black Moshannon Graph Text

This graphic graph illustrates the elevation change and the mountain shape that makes Black Moshannon State Park cooler than the surrounding area. The left side of this graph is the elevation which goes from 900 feet up to 2300 feet. The bottom of the graph is the distance from the park to Route 220--seven miles.

At around 1900 feet is Black Moshannon Lake. From there, the mountain gets taller heading towards Route 220 to a maximum of about 2100 feet three miles from the lake. From there, the Allegheny Front dramatically drops down to 900 feet at Route 220 in about four miles.

Black Moshannon State Park is high atop the Allegheny Front. Enjoy cool summer days and excellent winter activity conditions made possible by the unique geology of the park. Two features chill the park: high elevation and a slight basin shape that traps cooler, heavier air. Because of this, many plants and animals normally only observed farther north (leatherleaf, Canada warbler) can be seen here near the southern limit of their range.

This graph shows how the elevation of Black Moshannon State Park helps keep it cool. Click on the graphic for a text description.