What is a Conservation Area?

What is a Conservation Area?

This designation is for land donated to the Bureau of State Parks and managed for the purposes of preserving open space, conserving natural resources, and providing opportunities for passive, non-motorized, low density outdoor recreation and environmental education activities.

A conservation area is characterized as a large area with few improvements and no through roads. Recreational facilities and development are minimal. Conservation areas are used for low impact recreation and serve as outdoor classrooms. Conservation areas serve as examples of proper stewardship and resource management. The donation of land can be covered by a restrictive covenant.

What is a Restrictive Covenant?

A restrictive covenant is a condition that is written into a deed, either by the seller or person donating the property, that must be adhered to by the person or organization that assumes possession of the property. Some of the restrictive covenants placed on the transfer of this property include:

  • The land is intended for use, enjoyment and education of all citizens of the Commonwealth. Environmental, outdoor, and forest resources management education will be emphasized.
  • Only passive recreational activities will be allowed. Horseback riding, biking and motorized equipment, with the exception of official use equipment and accommodations for disabled people, are prohibited.
  • Acceptable forestry practices will govern resource management. Generally, only dead and downed trees should be harvested, except on forest demonstration areas.