Education at Jennings

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Jennings is committed to providing a diverse array of environmental education and interpretive programs. Programming is offered year-round to schools, civic groups, and the community. Each year over 167,000 visitors, 280 schools, 11 colleges and universities and a number of civic organizations are served by the Jennings Center. Educational programs are age-specific and generate learning through discovery and a hands-on approach.

A schedule of community programs is available at the center. School programs can be arranged by calling the center at 724-794-6011.

Explore the Calendar of Events for a listing of upcoming events.

Pre-school - These programs combine sensory awareness, discovery learning, storytelling, and nature crafts to help preschoolers learn and experience their environment during each season.

Elementary - (K-5) - Children are actively involved in the environment around them. Emphasis is placed on the student’s imagination and the power of observation. elementary school education programs (pdf 269 kb, 9/16)

Intermediate - (6-8) - Programs are centered on exploring the environment using a scientific approach. Students are responsible for collecting and analyzing data. middle and high school education programs (pdf 197 kb, 9/16)

Secondary - (9-12) - Programs emphasize critical thinking and problem solving skills while fostering an appreciation for the environment. Jennings offers Watershed Education, and programs on topics like acid mine drainage, problem solving and biodiversity. middle and high school education programs (pdf 197 kb, 9/16)

College - Jennings provides a number of programs for students with a wide range of backgrounds. Internship opportunities are available for students seeking degrees in environmental education, resource management, biology and other related fields. college education programs (pdf 183 kb, 9/16)

Teacher Training - A variety of natural history and curricula workshops are available to teachers. These workshops are designed to provide information and ideas that can easily be integrated into the classroom. teacher workshops (pdf 2,000 kb, 9/16)

Special Events - Jennings provides special programming on a variety of topics, including maple sugaring, environmental scout day and earth week.

Special Populations - Students with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities participate in programs adapted to meet their special needs.

Public Interpretive Programs - Community programs present various environmental topics in an informative and entertaining way through slide presentations, trail walks and public workshops.