Lehigh Gorge State Park

A kayaker braves whitewater at Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvania.

Whitewater Boating

Whitewater boaters enjoy the class II and III rapids in the steep gorge lined with rocks and trees.

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Top 10 Things to do

There are dozens of fun activities at Lehigh Gorge State Park, but here's a list to get you started.


A deep, steep-walled gorge carved by a river, thick vegetation, rock outcroppings, and waterfalls characterize Lehigh Gorge State Park. In Luzerne and Carbon counties in eastern Pennsylvania, the park follows the Lehigh River from the outlet of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Francis E. Walter Dam at the northern end, to the town of Jim Thorpe at the southern end of the park. Whitewater boating and biking are popular activities.

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The 6,107 acres of park land follow the Lehigh River from Francis E. Walter Dam in the north to Jim Thorpe in the south. The Lehigh Gorge Trail follows over 20 miles of abandoned railroad grade along the river, providing opportunities for hiking, bicycling, sightseeing and photography. The trail is closed to motor vehicles.

Parking areas are provided in White Haven, Rockport and Glen Onoko. Very limited parking is available at Lehigh Tannery but boat launching is prohibited.

Seasons and Hours: The park is open every day of the year, sunrise to sunset. Day use areas close at dusk. Contact the Hickory Run State Park office for facility seasons and hours.

Fishing: Fishing in the river and streams is permitted during seasons established by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. The northern section of the Lehigh River is stocked with trout and is most popular with anglers. Approved trout waters stretch from the Francis E. Walter Dam to Sandy Run. Whitewater boating north of White Haven is discouraged to promote this section for fishing activities.

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission laws apply. Complete information on fishing rules and regulations in Pennsylvania is available from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Web site.

The ADA symbol indicates that this activity or structure is ADA accessible.Hunting and Firearms: Most of the park is open to hunting, trapping and the training of dogs during established seasons. Common game species are deer, turkey, bear and small game. The park also provides access to state game lands 40, 141 and 149, which adjoin the park.

Hunting woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, is prohibited. Dog training is only permitted from the day following Labor Day through March 31 in designated hunting areas. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Game Commission rules and regulations apply. Contact the park office for ADA accessible hunting information.

Use extreme caution with firearms at all times. Other visitors use the park during hunting seasons. Firearms and archery equipment used for hunting may be uncased and ready for use only in authorized hunting areas during hunting seasons. In areas not open to hunting or during non-hunting seasons, firearms and archery equipment shall be kept in the owner’s vehicle or enclosed trailer. Exceptions include: law enforcement officers and individuals with a valid Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms are authorized to carry a firearm concealed on their person while they are within a state park.

Complete information on hunting rules and regulations in Pennsylvania is available from the Pennsylvania Game Commission Web site.

Hiking: 33 miles of trails
The 26 miles of the Lehigh Gorge Trail offers easy hiking along the scenic Lehigh River. Highlights are: several waterfalls, historic remnants of the Upper Grand Section of the Lehigh Canal and many opportunities to see wildlife. Potable water is available seasonally at the Rockport Access Area.

The recently added Bald Mountain property is open to hunting and hiking only. The seven miles of hiking trails are not marked or signed, pending the completion of the environmental review and long-term planning. Only experienced hikers should hike this area and should carry a topographic map and a compass or GPS unit, and know how to use them.

The gorge is a natural area that possesses natural hazards like steep and treacherous terrain and fast-moving water. You are responsible for your safety and that of your family. Wear proper hiking shoes and use caution when hiking in the gorge.

Biking: 26 miles of trail
The Lehigh Gorge Trail is open for biking. Wide tires are recommended. Bicycle rentals and shuttle service are available throughout the area.


  • The trail is shared by hikers, bikers and other users.
  • Keep right except to pass.
  • Announce passing to other users. Pass with caution.
  • Move off the trail when stopped.
  • Please yield to law enforcement, maintenance and emergency vehicles

Proposed Recreational Development: Future recreational development in Lehigh Gorge State Park will improve opportunities for public access to the Gorge and Lehigh River while protecting the natural resources and maintaining a high quality recreational experience. Trailhead facilities such as parking and comfort stations will be upgraded in the vicinity of White Haven, providing support for the park’s recreational activities.

Winter Activities

Explore the Winter Report for the current snow and ice depths.

Cross-country Skiing: The Lehigh Gorge Trail on the west side of the river from White Haven to Glen Onoko is open to cross-country skiing.

Snowmobiling: The 15-mile section of the Lehigh Gorge Trail from White Haven to Penn Haven Junction is also open to snowmobiles. Parking for snowmobiling is at the White Haven and Rockport access areas.

Environmental Education and Interpretation

A wide variety of environmental education and interpretive programs are offered year-round. Through hands-on activities and guided walks participants gain appreciation, understanding and develop a sense of stewardship toward natural and cultural resources.

Explore the Calendar of Events for a listing of upcoming events.

Explore environmental education and interpretation for more information.

Access for People with Disabilities

The ADA symbol indicates that this activity or structure is ADA accessible.If you need an accommodation to participate in park activities due to a disability, please contact the park you plan to visit.