Lehigh Gorge State Park

A kayaker braves whitewater at Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvania.

Whitewater Boating

Whitewater boaters enjoy the class II and III rapids in the steep gorge lined with rocks and trees.

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Top 10 Things to do

There are dozens of fun activities at Lehigh Gorge State Park, but here's a list to get you started.


A deep, steep-walled gorge carved by a river, thick vegetation, rock outcroppings and waterfalls characterize Lehigh Gorge State Park. In Luzerne and Carbon counties in eastern Pennsylvania, the park follows the Lehigh River from the outlet of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Francis E. Walter Dam at the northern end, to the town of Jim Thorpe at the southern end of the park. Whitewater boating and biking are popular activities.

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Recreational Guide

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