Top 10 Activities to do at Pine Grove Furnace State Park

  1. Double the fun! Swim in two lakes, build sand castles at two beaches and picnic in two different picnic areas (lunch and dinner?), all separated by a short bike ride.
  2. Set foot on the famous Appalachian Trail. The park is the halfway point for this 2,186-mile National Scenic Trail.
  3. Enjoy one of the many education programs offered by the park, like Free Kayaking for Beginners.
  4. Walk back in time on the Historical Walking Tour of historic buildings. Explore an iron furnace from one of the most productive iron communities of the 19th Century.
  5. Relax in the modern campground with upgraded facilities.
  6. See hundreds of jack-o-lanterns float on Fuller Lake during the Fall Furnace Fest.
  7. Visit the first hiking museum in the U.S.--the Appalachian Trail Museum.
  8. See the park from above! Hike up to Pole Steeple Vista and view the eastern part of the park and surrounding Michaux State Forest from the overlook.
  9. Tour of the Ironmaster’s Mansion. Once the home of the iron operations ironmaster, some famous Americans slept here, too!
  10. Enjoy year-round trout fishing in the stocked Mountain Creek and Laurel Lake.