Wildflower Reserve

The Wildflower Reserve is the focal point for environmental education and public programming at Raccoon Creek State Park. Programs on a wide range of topics are presented to the public, schools, and organized groups.

The 314-acre tract, originally purchased in 1962 by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, contains one of the most biodiverse and unique stands of wildflowers in Pennsylvania. Over 700 species of plants can be found along the five miles of trails, which lead the visitor through a variety of habitats from oak-hickory forest to pine plantations and from meadows to floodplain forest.

A record of the species documented in the reserve can be found at the Wildflower Reserve Interpretive Center. Wildflowers can be found throughout the growing season with peak blooms in late April through early May and again in August through early September.

Hungerford Cabin is accessed via Jennings Trail and was the get-away for famous political cartoonist Cy Hungerford. He worked for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from 1927-1977.

For the future use and protection of this unique area, follow these rules:

  • Picking or collecting of plants is prohibited.
  • Trails are for hiking only. Bicycles, horses, or motor vehicles are prohibited.
  • Pets are prohibited on the trails or in the interpretive center.
  • Smoking on the trails or in the center is prohibited.


Hiking is very popular in the 4.45 miles of trail in the reserve. Explore the Wildflower Reserve Trails

Wildflower Reserve Map (.pdf) (503 kb, 6/16)