Re-Vision Ryerson Station State Park

Public Process

DCNR and the Re-Vision Ryerson Station State Park Task Force are involved in a public process to determine what features are possible at the park to restore opportunities for local residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors.

News Release: DCNR to Withdraw Permit Application for Dam at Ryerson Station State Park in Greene County (pdf 90 kb, 7/24/15)

Settlement Information

Duke Lake within Ryerson Station State Park was drawn down in July 2005 for safety reasons after inspections of the dam uncovered ground movement and increased water seepage.

In April 2013, DCNR and CONSOL Energy, Inc., settled a lawsuit related to the impact of longwall mining in the area on the dam. The settlement award will enable the commonwealth to make improvements and add 506 acres to the park.

In 2015, DCNR withdrew the permit to rebuild the dam due to continued ground movement.

The settlement agreement between the two parties was the result of a two-month mediation process and public comment period. Below are the related documents.

News Release: Consul Settlement News Release (pdf 88 kb, 4/24/2013)

Letter from DCNR Secretary Allan to the Mediator (pdf 242 kb, 2/06/2013)

Interim Report from the Mediator (pdf 4,781 kb, 02/01/2013)

Settlement Agreement (pdf 1,377 kb, 03/08/2013)