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Where to Find DiscoverE Programs

The parks in this list offer education programs, including DiscoverE.

A park education talks with young park visitors at Kings Gap Environmental Education Center, Pennsylvania State Parks.

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Outdoor Programs for Young People

DiscoverE is a series of exciting outdoor programs for young people ages 4-17 provided by Pennsylvania State Parks. DiscoverE makes every day an adventure, every state park a new, wondrous experience!

Pennsylvania’s natural resources and historic sites are discovered through exciting programs provided by trained educators and interpreters. By combining recreation and education, we hope to motivate children to learn more and return often, leading to a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment and conservation leadership.

DiscoverE offers a variety of activities to meet developmental levels and social skills of different age groups. Participants progress from one level to another, continually growing in knowledge and skills.

Younger learners will explore the outdoors through structured play, reinforced by stories and crafts. Older youth will be challenged by gaining recreational skills, conducting special projects and participating in valuable experiences.

Explore the Calendar of Events for information on upcoming DiscoverE programs.

How Do I Get Involved?

DiscoverE outdoor programs are offered at many Pennsylvania state parks. Each park schedules its own DiscoverE programs and sets its own program fees. Programs can be scheduled as a two-hour meeting or a weeklong program. Registration forms, fees and other information may be required to hold a reservation. Information on DiscoverE is available at the park office or check program listings and park information online at

Pennsylvania State Parks has established a set of criteria for recognizing participation and achievement in the DiscoverE programs. Participants record their hours and experiences in a special DiscoverE folder.

Participants may attend programs at one or many of Pennsylvania’s state parks, achieving credit toward the requirements. Youth earn a certificate and badge, recognizing their accomplishments. The badge can be displayed on backpacks or jackets and will be recognized throughout Pennsylvania state parks. The websites listed on the badge remind families to return to our parks and participate in a lifetime of conservation and healthy outdoor activities.

A chipmunk eats a nut on the DiscoverE badge for Hide-n-Seekers.(ages 4-5)

Shhhhhh!!! Listen! Look! What do you hear in the woods? What is hiding under the rock? How many fish do you see in the stream?

Visiting a state park can be a time of discovery and wonder for children ages 4 and 5. Hide-’n-Seekers is a program developed to meet the curiosity and the attention span of the younger child. The program combines safe, playful outdoor activities with hands-on explorations, stories and crafts that encourage a child’s interest and excitement.