Learn with Parks

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is represented by this colored map.

Where to Find Education Programs

These parks offer educational, interpretive and recreational programs.

A park education talks with young park visitors at Kings Gap Environmental Education Center, Pennsylvania State Parks.


DiscoverE is a series of exciting outdoor programs for young people ages 4-17.


The DCNR Bureau of State Parks' environmental education program aims to develop a citizenry that is aware of and concerned about the total environment and its associated problems, and which has the knowledge, attitude, motivations, commitment and skills to work individually and collectively toward solutions of current problems and the prevention of new ones. To achieve these goals, a program of services is offered for the citizens of Pennsylvania and visitors to the state that promotes:

  • An understanding that humankind is an inseparable part of the ecosystem and whatever humans do may alter their surroundings.
  • A basic knowledge of the natural laws which govern the environment, skills to permit solving environmental problems, and recognition of each individual's responsibility toward finding solutions to environmental problems.
  • The development of a stewardship ethic toward the conservation of Pennsylvania's natural, historical and cultural heritage, and the prevention and correction of continued environmental degradation.

Pennsylvania environmental education centers offer programs for pre-schoolers through college students. Center staff also provide community programs on many subjects like natural and cultural history and outdoor recreation. The centers' environmental education program consists of a variety of quality programs including; student field learning experiences, DiscoverE-Outdoor Programs for Young People, conservation leadership schools, the Bureau’s Watershed Education program, and numerous in-service and pre-service teacher workshops. The centers' program staffs also offers community programs and supports ecological research.

Four environmental education centers offer year-round educational programming.

Kings Gap
Nolde Forest