Americans with Disabilities Act Information

The Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks has a long-standing commitment to meeting the needs of people with disabilities. Because of the large resource base that state parks administers - over 277,000 acres - visitors with disabilities often use parks as locations to hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors.

Policy on Use of Powered Mobility Devices by Persons with Disabilities on State Park Property

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Bureau of Forestry and Bureau of State Parks permits persons with mobility disabilities to use powered mobility devices for purposes of accessing DCNR lands. In some instances, these areas are not otherwise open for motorized access by the general public.

Policy to allow people with disabilities to use powered mobility devices.
Request permission to use a powered mobility device to access DCNR land.

Web Site Accessibility

Pennsylvania State Parks is proud that our Web site is very accessible to people with visual disabilities. To improve visibility, we do not use background colors and have removed barriers to electronic readers and are improving the alternative descriptions of the photos and graphics. If you have difficulty seeing or reading our site, please contact us with technical questions or problems. Be sure to include the URL of the page.

To make spotting accessible facilities and activities even easier, just look for the ADA symbol. The ADA symbol indicates that this activity or structure is ADA accessible. As more pages are upgraded and as more facilities are improved to meet ADA Standards, the symbol should pop up everywhere. Also, recreations symbols that are ADA accessible are shown in with blue backgrounds, like this.An ADA accessible boat launch is available.

Accessible Brochure Texts

Most Bureau of State Park publications are available in alternative formats. Each brochure text is available in a .rtf version as a large print document. These are available on each Web page that has an alternate version.


People with a disability can receive a $4.50 discount from the base campsite price upon request.

History of Accessibility in Pennsylvania State Parks

Through the years, Pennsylvania State Parks has worked to make our facilities and activities accessible. With the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a comprehensive self-evaluation and transition plan has been done for each state park and recommendations have been made on how to bring all state park facilities into compliance with the ADA. The total cost to bring all state park facilities into compliance has been estimated at $12 million. A copy of each park’s plan is located at the park office and in the central office of state parks and is available for public review upon request.

How do you go about finding out which parks can meet your needs if you have a disability? Explore our Web site and look for this symbol The ADA symbol indicates that this activity or structure is ADA accessible. which highlights accessible facilities. Or call 888-PA-PARKS to learn more about accessible facilities. All parks are very willing to work with you to make sure you have an enjoyable outdoor experience.

If you are a hunter with a disability and need access to a park hunting area, you can meet with the park manager and discuss arrangements for an accommodation. The same process can be used to access fishing areas. Pennsylvania state parks follow the regulations of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

State parks are continually working to make more areas of the parks accessible. Money is committed to upgrade and build more accessible facilities. If you need an accommodation at a park to meet your needs, contact the specific park to see if they have upgraded that facility.