Cross-country Skiing in the South

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Blue Knob State Park

Most park trails are suitable for expert skiers. For beginner skiers, Chappells Field Trail and the closed campground are recommended. For the intermediate skier, the service roads, closed roadways and open areas are recommended. Weather conditions on the trails are usually ideal but skiers should use expert or mountain ski equipment.

Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area

All 12 miles of hiking trails in the conservation area are open for cross-country skiing.

Caledonia State Park

Trails and open fields of the park are available for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Canoe Creek State Park

All hiking, equestrian and biking trails are available for skiing.

Codorus State Park

There are 6.5 miles of trails in the 195-acre Mountain Biking Area on Bankert Road. Skiers may also use the fields of the Marina, Main Launch and the campground. Please wear fluorescent orange during hunting seasons.

Colonel Denning State Park

While there is no formal cross-country skiing trail system, skiing is permitted on existing roads and trails and in all areas of the park. Terrain is moderately hilly to mountainous.

Cowans Gap State Park

Closed park roads and some of the hiking trails are suitable for cross-country skiing.

Fowlers Hollow State Park

There are two miles of designated trail southwest of the campground. Skiing is also permitted in all areas of the park.

French Creek State Park

All hiking trails and open areas of the park can be skied with proper snow cover.

Gifford Pinchot State Park

When adequate snow cover is available, many of the hiking trails provide an excellent opportunity for cross-country skiing. The best trails are accessed from the Conewago Day Use Area or the special parking area at the campground entrance. These trails are marked for bicycling and include portions of Lakeside, Alpine, Oak and Gravel trails. Other good trails are the network of spur roads and trails in the interior of the park campground, which are closed to camping and vehicle use during the winter season.

Greenwood Furnace State Park

Several miles of ungroomed cross-country ski trails are in the park and on adjacent state forest lands.

Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area

All hiking trails in the Conservation Area are open for cross-country skiing. Evergreen and Old Sawmill trails are reccommended for cross-country skiing.

Little Buffalo State Park

All hiking trails in Little Buffalo State Park are open for cross-country skiing, but skiing is recommended on Little Buffalo Creek Trail. A 2.5-mile loop can be skied by taking Little Buffalo Creek Trail to Main Picnic Area, then ski the Newport and Sherman’s Valley Railroad trace. Return to Little Buffalo Creek Trail along the edge of woods. Park in the lot at the trailhead. A popular loop in East Picnic Area starts in the parking lot and follows the path to Clay’s Covered Bridge. The trail passes Shoaff’s Mill then returns to the starting point on either Mill Race Trail or the shorter service road. Skiing is also permitted on service roads and unplowed roads in the day use area.

Memorial Lake State Park

The easy rolling terrain and open nature of the park lends itself to excellent opportunities for short distance cross-country ski trips for the novice and experienced skier.

Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center

Hiking trails are open for cross-country skiing when conditions pemit.

Penn-Roosevelt State Park

Cross-country skiing is available.

Pine Grove Furnace State Park

Nordic skiers enjoy the rail trail when snow conditions allow. Although no trails are specifically designated for cross-country skiing, numerous opportunities exist, especially during winters with heavy snowfalls, both within the park and on the surrounding state forest lands.

Poe Valley State Park

While no specific trails are provided, most skiers use local roads since only minimal snow plowing is done in this area. Skiers should be cautious since both snowmobiles and four-wheel drive vehicles also use many of these roads.

Prince Gallitzin State Park

Seven miles of marked trails are available for this popular wintertime activity.

Raymond B. Winter State Park

Five miles of park trails provide easy skiing with connecting trails and roads on surrounding state forest lands.

Reeds Gap State Park

Skiers can enjoy the trails, service roads and open areas. About five miles of ungroomed trails are available with proper snow conditions.

Shawnee State Park

Most trails are suitable for novice and experienced skiers and snowshoers. Lake Shore is the most popular trail.

Swatara State Park

The Swatara Rail Trail is good for skiing with adequate snowfall.

Warriors Path State Park

About six miles of cross-country ski trails traverse through woods and field areas with the degree of difficulty ranging from easy to moderate.

Whipple Dam State Park

Park trails and roads, and roads in Rothrock State Forest are recommended for cross-country skiing.