Horseback Riding

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is represented by this colored map.

Where to Ride Horses

The parks listed here have equestrian trails or trailheads.


Pennsylvania with its natural, scenic beauty is the perfect setting for a trail ride any time of the year. Spring, summer, winter or fall, the gently rolling woodlands offer a refreshing change for the horseback riding enthusiast. State parks maintain several bridle trails available for public use. Each trail is unique. The geological, biological and cultural histories combine to create a story of the various areas.

All mileages represent trails only -- no roads. Some parks allow limited travel on the roads in the park, but this varies from park to park.

A few of the parks lie adjacent to other public lands such as state forest land or state game lands. In these cases, riders can leave their trailers in the park’s day-use area and ride through the park to access other public lands. French Creek accesses the Horseshoe Trail, Kettle Creek accesses state forest land and Prince Gallitzin and Ricketts Glen access state game lands.

In all cases it is best to contact the forest district or state game land area involved to get a list of their rules and regulations for the specific area in which you wish to ride.