Where to Horseback Ride

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Black Moshannon State Park

Snowmobile Trail provides access to many miles of equestrian trails in Moshannon State Forest.

Kettle Creek State Park

22 miles of trails
An equestrian trail, 22 miles in length, starts at Beaverdam Run and travels through the Sproul State Forest before returning to the trailhead. Overnight camping at the trailhead is by permit only. Contact the park office for information. Trail maps are available at the park office.

Raymond B. Winter State Park

The park provides parking and is a trailhead for equestrian trails in Bald Eagle State Forest.


Blue Knob State Park

Equestrian trails are marked with orange diamonds. The trailhead is across from the campground entrance at Chappells Field. Horseback riding is permitted along the right-hand side of park roads. Caution must be used on trails that pass through hunting areas. All groups conducting trail rides must secure a special use agreement.

Canoe Creek State Park

Equestrian trails loop through the north side of the park. Mattern, Hartman, and parts of Moores Hill trails can be reached from the parking lot off of Mattern Road. Horse rentals are not available in the area.

Codorus State Park

8 miles of trails
Ranger Trail travels over rolling hills, through forests and fields, crosses streams, and passes near Lake Marburg. There are many views of the lake, including Ranger Overlook, which has benches and hitching posts. A parking lot off of the Main Launch Day Use Area entrance road can hold 40 trailers.

Fowlers Hollow State Park

Most trails permit horseback riding and connect to extensive trails in Tuscarora State Forest. Alfarata and Beaston trails, which are extensive trails in Tuscarora State Forest, meet in Fowlers Hollow State Park.

Gifford Pinchot State Park

In the northeast section of the park is an area set aside for horseback riding. This area includes several miles of wide, mowed, interconnecting trails that wind through reverting farm fields, pine plantations and deciduous woodlands. There is a large, gravel parking area off of Alpine Road, a short distance south of the intersection with PA 177. There are no horse rentals.

Penn-Roosevelt State Park

Thickhead Mountain Road, leading west from Penn-Roosevelt State Park, is closed to motor vehicles and along with the connecting Detweiler Road, makes an excellent trail ride. Horse rentals are not provided.

Prince Gallitzin State Park

A horseback riding area is in the southeast corner of the park.

Susquehannock State Park

The trails of the park provide a beautiful setting for horseback riding, although it is prohibited at the overlooks and on Rhododendron Trail. Several shaded hitching rails for horses are located in the park to accommodate riding clubs and horse drawn wagons.


Big Pocono State Park

Horses are permitted on all of the hard surface roads shared by vehicles, and also South Trail and North Trail Lower Loop. Horses are prohibited on Indian and North trails.

Evansburg State Park

15 miles of trails
In addition to the 15 miles of designated trails, riders can also use the right side berm of public roads. A trailhead parking lot for horse trailers is on Skippack Creek Road.

French Creek State Park

8 miles of trails
Horse-shoe Trail winds through the park and into adjacent lands. Horses are not permitted on other park trails.

Jacobsburg State Park

18.5 miles of trails
The network of trails makes the center's fields, woodlands and streams accessible to both students and the casual visitor. These facilities are for use by hikers, all-terrain bikers, horseback riders and cross-country skiers.

Lackawanna State Park

The multi-use trails can be used by horseback riders. Abington Trail is recommended. Trailer parking is available in the northeastern section of the park along Wallsville Road (PA 438).

Marsh Creek State Park

11.5 miles of trails
The bridle trails are in the western side of the park and have loops of various distances. Use extreme caution when riding in hunting areas during hunting seasons.

Nockamixon State Park

14 miles of trails
Horseback riding is permitted on roadsides throughout the park and on the following trails: Quarry, Old Mill, and the trails on the south side of the lake. Pedestrians should yield to horses. Horses may be rented at a private establishment near the park. Carriages and vehicles are prohibited on trails, except for approved ADA equipment.

Promised Land State Park

Promised Land State Park provides access to selected equestrian trails in Delaware State Forest. Horseback riding is allowed on park roads and in designated trails in Promised Land State Park. Rentals are not available. Check with the park office for equestrian camping options.

Ricketts Glen State Park

12.5-mile loop
Equestrian riders may enjoy taking a 12.5-mile loop by riding the Cherry Run Trail, Mountain Springs Road and Mountain Springs Trail. Sights to see include: old railroad grades, the dry lakebed of Mountain Springs Lake (formerly used to make ice) and an old concrete dam once used to hold back Lake Leigh (now a dry lake). Riders must bring their own mounts. Horses cannot be rented.

Ridley Creek State Park

4.7 miles of trail
A 4.7-mile trail begins in Picnic Area #8. A parking lot for trailers is at the trailhead. Hidden Valley Farms operates a stable within the park that provides horse boarding, riding lessons, pony rides, and an assortment of horse related services. 610-892-7260 www.hiddenvalleyhorsefarm.com

Swatara State Park

12.8 miles of trails
Except for Mifflin Trail, horses are permitted on all trails between Sand Siding Bridge and I-81/Pine Grove Exit 100. Bear Hole Trail, Swatara Rail Trail and the 3.9-mile Equestrian Trail make a nice loop.

Tyler State Park

10.5 miles of trails
Riders enjoy many miles of non-paved trails on both sides of Neshaminy Creek. Please stay on established, blazed trails. Horseback riding is not permitted in the picnic areas. Parking for horse trailers is near Number One Lane Trail in the large parking lot across from the arts center, in the Fisherman’s lot on PA 332 across from Spring Garden Mill, and at the Schofield Ford Covered Bridge parking lot off of Swamp Road. Hitching posts and a mounting platform are provided at the covered bridge access area.

White Clay Creek State Park

8 miles of trails
An 8-mile equestrian trail traverses the entire length of the northern portion of the Preserve.


Cook Forest State Park

A loop trail begins at a small parking lot on Forest Drive, connects to Old Logging Road, and winds through beautiful pine plantations. Twenty-four miles of additional trails are located downstream of Gravel Lick Bridge in the Clarion River Lands. The one hour loop next to the organized group camping area is heavily used by a vendor, and not recommended. Explore Cook Forest for a list of concessionaires that offer trail rides.

Laurel Summit State Park

The park provides parking and is a trailhead for equestrian trails in Forbes State Forest.

Linn Run State Park

Horseback riding is permitted along Linn Run Road and on designated trails in Forbes State Forest.

Moraine State Park

20 miles of trails
There are about 20 miles of equestrian trails in the park. Riding is limited to designated trails and roadsides throughout the park.

Ohiopyle State Park

11.6 miles of trails
There is a designated horse trailer parking area located on Grover Road that has a fenced paddock and nearby water. Sections of the Sugarloaf Trail System, as well as the Pressley Ridge Trail, are open to horseback riding. These are shared-use trails. Please use caution when riding.

Raccoon Creek State Park

16 miles of trails
Multi-use trails and roads provide horseback riders with an extensive bridle trail system. The equestrian trailhead parking lot is along PA 168 on the western border of the park. Access to the trail system is from the parking lot via the Appaloosa Spur Trail. All equestrian trails are blazed in yellow. There are no horse rentals. Explore Raccoon Creek for complete trail descriptions.