Rock Climbing

There are few activities more challenging than rock climbing. Listed below are the locations where rock climbing is permitted. Visitors should not climb other locations so as to not damage fragile habitats. Visitors must come prepared with their own equipment and use extreme caution.

The Department has established guidelines for rock climbing. Rock Climbing Guidlelines (.pdf) (108 kb, 5/09)

Zoom in on the map using the zoom tool on the left. Clicking on a park in the map will reveal an information box with a listing of amenities in the park and a link to the park homepage.

McConnells Mill State Park: Two climbing and rappelling areas are available to properly equipped and experienced climbers. The Rim Road Climbing Area is across the creek from the Old Mill. The more advanced and rugged area is in the vicinity of Breakneck Bridge.

Numerous accidents have occurred in this area resulting in serious injuries. Please exercise extreme caution when climbing or hiking in these areas. Rappelling is prohibited from the bridges, rock areas along park roads, or any other areas outside of the two designated climbing areas.

Ohiopyle State Park: Numerous climbing opportunities exist in Ohiopyle State Park. Meadow Run Climbing Area, Bruner Run Climbing Area, and a series of four walls along the Lower Youghiogheny section of the Great Allegheny Passage have a combination of top-roping and sport routes for climbers of all abilities. The short entrance trails leading to the rock faces are blazed in blue. Inexperienced climbers should consider a guided trip with one of the outfitters in Ohiopyle.

Ralph Stover State Park: High Rocks offers a beautiful view as well as 150-foot-hight sheer cliffs for only the most experienced climbers.