The mountains and numerous streams and rivers of Pennsylvania make many scenic waterfalls. Most are best viewed in the spring or fall when water levels are higher. Navigate with the map or view the chart below.

Click on a region in the map or zoom in on the map using the zoom tool on the left. Clicking on a park in the map will reveal an information box with a listing of amenities in the park, and a link to the park in the listing far below.

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Colton Point State Park

Series of Waterfalls on bottom of Right Branch Fourmile Run

- Down a steep hike on Turkey Path.

A waterfall tumbles over dark rock ledges at Colton Point State Park, Pennsylvania.
Leonard Harrison State Park

Series of Waterfalls on Little Fourmile Run

- Down a steep hike on Turkey Path.

Water tumbles over a cliff at Leonard Harrison State Park, Pennsylvania.




Trough Creek State Park

Rainbow Falls

- Along Abbot Run Trail.

Abbot Run tumbles down a cliff at Trough Creek State Park, Pennsylvania.




Beltzville State Pak

Wild Creek Falls

- Along Falls Trail.

Wild Creek tumbles over boulders at Beltzville State Park, Pennsylvania.
Hickory Run State Park

Hawk Falls

- Along Hawk Falls Trail.

Water cascades over a cliff at Hickory Run State Park, Pennsylvania.
Lehigh Gorge State Park

Lukes Falls

- Along the Lehigh Gorge Trail, just north of the Rockport Access Area.

Buttermilk Falls

- Along the Lehigh Gorge Trail, just south of the Rockport Access Area.

A waterfall tumbles over rocks at Lehigh Gorge State Park, Pennsylvania.
Ricketts Glen State Park

22 Named Waterfalls

The falls are in the Glens Natural Area and can be viewed from several hiking trails. Most falls can be seen on a 3.2-mile loop. The tallest waterfall, Ganoga, is 94 feet high. The falls are part of a National Natural Landmark.

Sheldon Reynolds Falls is one of 22 named waterfalls at Ricketts Glen State Park, Pennsylvania.
Salt Springs State Park

2 Waterfalls in Fall Brook

- Along Fall Brook Trail.

Fall Brook Falls tumbles over a stone ledge at Salt Springs State Park, Pennsylvania.
Worlds End State Park

High Rock Falls

- Along High Rock Trail.

A waterfall tumbles through a cleft at Worlds End State Park, Pennsylvania.




Linn Run State Park

Adams Falls

- Along Adams Falls Trail.

Flat Rock

- Along Flat Rock Trail.

This ribbon of falling water is Adams Falls at Linn Run State Park, Pennsylvania.
McConnells Mill State Park

Hells Hollow Falls

- Along Hells Hollow Trail.

Kildoo Falls

- Near Kennedy Road.

The Hells Hollow Falls drops out of hemlocks at McConnells Mill State Park, Pennsylvania.
Ohiopyle State Park


- Along Meadow Run Trail.

Cucumber Falls

- Along Great Gorge Trail.

Jonathan Run Falls

- Along Jonathan Run Trail.

Meadow Run Waterslides

- Are a short walk from their parking lot.

Ohiopyle Falls

- Has its own ADA parking and viewing area by the park office/visitor center. 

Autumn colored trees surround the impressive Ohiopyle Falls at Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvania.
Oil Creek State Park

Miller Falls

Pioneer Falls

Plum Dungeon Falls

- All falls are along the Gerard Hiking Trail.

A stream tumbles over a rocky ledge in one of the waterfalls at Oil Creek State Park, Pennsylvania.
Raccoon Creek State Park

Frankfort Mineral Springs

- Along Mineral Springs Loop Trail.

Icicles hang from the brown cliffs of Frankfort Mineral Springs at Raccoon Creek State Park, Pennsylvania.