Where to Sled

Click on a region in the map or zoom in on the map using the zoom tool on the left. Clicking on a park in the map will reveal an information box with a listing of amenities in the park, and a link to the park in the listing far below.

The direction links below will take you to a listing of parks with sledding areas.

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Bald Eagle State Park

About five acres of cleared hillside allows for a 1,320-foot run. The slope faces the modern campground and is accessed from Skyline Drive near Pavilion #5.

Chapman State Park

A seven-acre groomed slope on the western side of the park is lighted until 10 p.m., daily.

Hills Creek State Park

A hill at the beach is good for sledding with adequate snow cover.

Kettle Creek State Park

The gentle slopes below the park office make for excellent tobogganing/sledding.

Little Pine State Park

In the main day use area, two acres of slopes extend across the lake. Ample parking is by the bathhouse. Ice must be four inches thick before the run is opened.

Lyman Run State Park

A small sledding hill is on the dam.

Parker Dam State Park

A small sledding and toboggan run is near the boat rental area. A larger sledding hill is on the power line on Mud Run Road. Park in the sugar shack parking lot.

Raymond B. Winter State Park

The western edge of the large day use parking lot is a sledding hill when conditions permit.


Canoe Creek State Park

A sledding hill near the Wentz Education Center is available when snow cover is adequate. Park at the education center or on the cul-de-sac on Mattern Road.

Codorus State Park

A 500-foot sledding slope is at the upper end of Chapel Cove, just off of PA 216. Park in Chapel Cove and walk along PA 216 to the park entrance sign and the trail to the slope. This slope is steep and too much speed can be a problem, therefore, ramps are prohibited. Pigeon Hill in the Marina Day Use Area is a gentler slope. Park in the Pigeon Hills Monument lot and sled toward the lake.

Greenwood Furnace State Park

A small sledding hill is behind the park office.

Prince Gallitzin State Park

A hill near the marina is availalbe for sledding.

Samuel S. Lewis State Park

The south and east faces of Mt. Pisgah are great for sledding, featuring a descent of 100 feet over a 600-foot long run.

Shawnee State Park

A large area of hillsides near Clearfields Picnic Area #2 is great for sledding.


Fort Washington State Park

Near Lot 5 in the Militia Hill Day Use Area is a 400-foot slope for sledding.

Frances Slocum State Park

A good slope is west of the swimming pool.

French Creek State Park

The backside of the dam at Scotts Run Lake is popular for sledding.

Lackawanna State Park

The gentle slopes by Hilltop Pavilion are recommended for sledding.

Locust Lake State Park

Sledding is available.

Marsh Creek State Park

About seven acres of slopes are by the picnic area in the East Launch.

Nockamixon State Park

The area above the Marina is used for sledding and tobogganing. Park in Lot #13. Do not block gates.

Ridley Creek State Park

A large grassy slope by the park office is popular for sledding.

Tuscarora State Park

Sledding is available.

Tyler State Park

Slopes below the Upper Plantation Picnic Area parking lot and the slopes west of the covered bridge are great for sledding and tobogganing when conditions permit.


Clear Creek State Park

A sledding slope is located on the pipeline right-of-way near Pavilion No. 3.

Cook Forest State Park

A slope is available for sledding near the Henrys Run Day Use Area.

Keystone State Park

Sledding is permitted on slopes in the park.

Laurel Hill State Park

A sledding hill is located in the field loop area of the campground. Lighted on weekends until 9 p.m. as conditions permit, a large fire ring and wood are also provided for sledders.

Maurice K. Goddard State Park

There is a one-acre hill for sledding at the dam.

Moraine State Park

A very popular sledding area is near the Pleasant View Picnic Area on the South Shore.

Ohiopyle State Park

A hill is maintained for sledding in the Sugarloaf Snowmobile and Mountain Bike Area, adjacent to the parking area.

Pymatuning State Park

The slopes of the dam are good for sledding.

Raccoon Creek State Park

Sledding is permitted on slopes in the park.

Ryerson Station State Park

Several small hills throughout the park are suitable for sledding.

Yellow Creek State Park

An area is maintained opposite the south boat launch for sledding and tobogganing. If you decide that another hill looks more inviting or challenging, please be alert for old fences that may still be in the area.