The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is represented by this colored map.

Where to Snowmobile

The parks listed here have trails for snowmobiles or are trailheads to snowmobile trails.


Racing across snow-covered trails in winter is thrilling. Visitors are permitted to run their snowmobiles after the last day of deer season in December to April 1, as long as there is enough snow cover. Most parks offer designated snowmobile trails for exploration. Others designate large, open spaces for snowmobiling. State parks also provide trailhead access to snowmobile trails on state forest land.

Find out where there is snow in state parks with our Winter Report, updated weekly from mid-December until spring thaw.

The Bureau of Forestry has many miles of snowmobile trails.

In order to use your snowmobile on state lands the vehicle must be properly registered and have the permit visibly displayed. Snowmobile/ATV Registration

Be sure to follow all snowmobiling laws. Summary of Pennsylvania's Snowmobile Law (pdf)

Access for People with Disabilities

If you need an accommodation to participate in park activities due to a disability, please contact the park you plan to visit.