The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is represented by this colored map.

Where to Camp

This chart lists all camping locations in Pennsylvania State Parks. 


Whether you like sleeping close to nature in a tent or relaxing in style in an RV, camping in a state park gives you the inside view to explore history, natural areas and fun  activities for the entire family. If you've never camped, or haven't camped in years, we've got  two programs to help. Our First-time Camper program is for people who have never camped in a Pennsylvania State Park. Our Family Camping programs are for those who want guided, hands-on help camping.

Explore Recreation to see what types of recreational opportunities are available in parks.

Types of Campsites

Modern - nearby restrooms have flush toilets and warm showers, the campsite has a picnic table and fire ring

Rustic - nearby restrooms have vault toilets, the campsite has a picnic table and fire ring

Modern/Rustic - nearby restrooms have modern facilities in the warmer months, then have rustic facilities in the colder months, the campsite has a picnic table and fire ring

Walk-in - are reached by a short walk, the campsite has a picnic table and fire ring

Backpacking/Adirondack Shelters/Shelter Areas - sleep in the tent you carry or rent a lean-to

Camping Cottages - wooden walls, electricty, bunk beds

Deluxe Cottages - wooden walls, electricity, cooking stove

Yurts - round, canvas/wooden walls, electricity, cooking stove

Walled Tents - built on platforms, electricity


Electric - at specific sites for a fee, amp varies at each park

Full Hook Up - at specific sites, for a fee, there is sewage, water and electric hook ups, the amperage may vary at each park/site

Pets - at designated sites for a fee