Group Cabin Camps for Organized Groups

The basic element of the organized group cabin camp is the unit, which generally consists of sleeping cabins or barrack-type sleeping facilities, toilets and a unit lodge (activity building).

The sleeping cabins can sleep either 2 or 4 people while barracks can sleep up to 26 people.

Cabin camps also have a central showerhouse, first aid building, dining hall, staff quarters, camp office and parking.

All buildings are unheated, but a few have fireplaces.

Located in five state parks, organized group camps were built in the mid-1930s as Federal Recreation Demonstration Areas by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Some of the camp buildings once served as living quarters for the CCC members who worked developing the parks.

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Blue Knob - A 100-person capacity camp is available for overnight use to organized groups from June through August. The group camp offers sleeping quarters, bathroom and shower facilities and a large dining hall/kitchen complex. A reservation system is based on previous long-term use, priority for youth groups, length of stay and number of people. Contact the park office for additional information. E-mail Blue Knob to request a camp application.

French Creek - Camp 1 holds 135 people and Camp Clewell holds 68 people. The camps are open from April 15 to October 15. Located in a wooded setting with open areas, the camps are near two lakes, hiking trails and other recreational opportunities. E-mail French Creek to request a camp application.

Hickory Run - Camp Daddy Allen holds 124 people and Camp Shehaqua holds 149 people. The camps are open from the second Friday in April through the third Sunday in October. Located in a wooded setting with adjacent play fields, there are over 40 miles of hiking trails, three state park natural areas and nearby lake swimming. The camps share a swimming pool that is open from about June 1 to Labor Day. Groups must supply their own certified lifeguards. Camp Daddy Allen has paved walkways and railings but does not meet the new ADA accessibility standards. E-mail Hickory Run to request an application.

Laurel Hill - Camp 1 holds 150 people, Camp 3 holds 124 people, and camps 5 and 8 each hold 150 people in barracks. The camps are open the first Friday in June to September 30. Located in wooded setting with open areas, the camps are near a lake for swimming, boating and fishing, and near hiking trails, visitor center, and basketball and volleyball courts. E-mail Laurel Hill to request an application.

Raccoon Creek - These three camps are rented from mid-April (earliest) to mid-October (latest), for a nominal fee to nonprofit, organized, adult and youth groups like scout, YMCA, school, church, or other organizations. The camps contain rustic lodges, dining halls, cabins, and utility buildings. Camp #1 holds 30 campers. Camp #2 holds 130 campers. Camp #3 holds 80 campers. Reservations are made at the park office for long or short rental periods. Seasonal availability varies. E-mail Raccoon Creek to request an application.