Firewood Advisory

Attention! Invasive Beetles found in Firewood Threaten Forests

Before bringing firewood to a Pennsylvania State Park, please read the information below about a very real threat to forests in Pennsylvania and all of North America.

Firewood may contain non-native insects and plant diseases. Bringing firewood into the park from other areas may accidentally spread pest insects and diseases that threaten park resources and the health of our forests. Management of trees infected with these pests involves drastic measures, such as the complete removal of all trees (infested and otherwise) in the immediate and surrounding areas.

The Asian Long Horned Beetle and Emerald Ash Borer are two insects that can be easily spread in firewood. Although the adult beetle may not be present, the firewood may be infested with the immature stage of these insects.

The only safe wood to move is packaged, heat treated firewood with a USDA APHIS treatment seal on it. Kiln dried wood is not safe to move.

Do not take wood home with you and do not leave firewood - Burn It!

The Don't Move Firewood Web site has lots of info and videos on the emeral ash borer.