Weddings in State Parks

A newly wed couple smiles at Big Pocono State Park, Pennsylvania.

Wedding Locations

These parks have locations for indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies.


Wedding ceremonies are important milestones in one’s life and Pennsylvania State Parks can provide incredible backdrops for one-of-a-kind scenic services. Ceremonies are typically permitted in State Parks but do require pre-approval from the park office. Pennsylvania State Parks offer a wide range of facilities and services from pavilion rentals at almost any park to full wedding facilities including food services at Kings Gap Environmental Education Center in Cumberland County.

For all your wedding ceremony inquiries and questions, please contact the PA State Park office where you are interested in having the ceremony. All weddings require pre-approval. If your wedding includes the use of a commercial photographer or catering company, please be certain to discuss these details with the park office.


If your wedding service is approved, most parks will charge a small administrative fee for processing the necessary paperwork. Additional fees apply for the rental of pavilions or other rental facilities such as, but not limited to, classroom buildings, chapels, the recreation hall at Little Buffalo State Park, the Inn at Bald Eagle, and the mansion facilities at both Ridley Creek State Park and Kings Gap Environmental Education Center.

Wedding Toss/Throwing Rice

Wedding toss is the process by which something (rice, birdseed, etc.) is lightly tossed at a newly married couple. This practice, intended to give newlyweds good luck, is a very old tradition that is believed to date back to ancient Rome or Egypt. In an effort to protect the resource and wildlife and provide visitor safety, the wedding party and guests will be asked to refrain from throwing any wedding toss or from releasing any type of wildlife (i.e. white doves, butterflies, etc.). Alternatively, the wedding party and guests will be permitted to blow bubbles or use low volume noise makers (such as kazoos or groggers) with prior written permission from the park.