Teacher's Corner

Geology has been an integral part of the Pennsylvania K-12 earth science curriculum for nearly fifty years.  Innovations in science education have since required teachers to look beyond the textbooks to bring geoscience concepts into the classroom.  The Pennsylvania Geological Survey is committed to providing teachers with the tools to make geology both interesting and exciting to students. 

The rich natural history, abundant mineral resources, and varied landscape of Pennsylvania create an awesome geoscience classroom waiting to be explored.  The resources provided here will help students to observe and interpret the science that is all around them and to use nature’s clues to understand the history of the earth. 

Here are just a few examples of questions we hope to help answer:

  • What rocks types can be found in Pennsylvania and how did they form?
  • Why is Pennsylvania’s landscape shaped the way it is?
  • What mineral resources are important to Pennsylvania?
  • What important daily necessities do we get from the earth? 
  • How does an understanding of geology allow us to plan for a sustainable future in Pennsylvania?