Fossil Plates

Below are images of fossils that can be found in Pennsylvania. Plates are from the Pennsylvania Geological Survey's General Geology Report G 40 (out of print), Fossil Collecting in Pennsylvania, by Donald M. Hoskins, Jon D. Inners, and John A. Harper. Plate illustrations are by John G. Kuchinski, Albert E. Van Olden, and James H. Dolimpio. Printed plates should be 4.5 x 7 inches to maintain the correct scale factor indicated for each fossil.


p1_ord_smPlate 1 Ordovician fossilsp12_miss_smPlate 12 Mississippian fossils
p2_ord_smPlate 2 Ordovician fossilsp13_mipa_smPlate 13 Mississippian and Pennsylvanian fossils
p3_sil_smPlate 3 Silurian fossilsp14_pa_smPlate 14 Pennsylvanian fossils
p4to5_sil_smPlates 4 and 5 Silurian, Silurian and Devonian fossilsp15_pa_smPlate 15 Pennsylvanian fossils
p6_sildev_smPlate 6 Silurian and Devonian fossilsp16_pa_smPlate 16 Pennsylvanian fossils
p7_dev_smPlate 7 Devonian fossilsp17to18_pa_smPlates 17 and 18 Pennsylvanian and Pennsylvanian and Permian fossils
p8_dev_smPlate 8 Devonian fossilsp19_papr_smPlate 19 Pennsylvania and Permian plant fossils
p9_dev_smPlate 9 Devonian fossilsp20_papr_smPlate 20 Pennsylvania and Permian plant fossils
p10_dev_smPlate 10 Devonian fossilsp21_tra_smPlate 21 Trace fossils
p11_dev_smPlate 11 Devonian fossils