Tyrannosaurus Rex in Pennsylvania



Although this dinosaur probably never traveled near what is now Pennsylvania, it can be seen in the lobby of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey's Pittsburgh office. The skull cast of the Cretaceous Tyrannosaurus rex ("Tyrant Lizard King") is a generous donation by Michael and Barbara Sincak, owners of "Treasures of the Earth, LTD." For more information on more common geologic collectibles in Pennsylvania, see our "Collecting" page on the left side bar menu.

As evidenced by fossil footprints from various locations in Triassic rocks in southeastern Pennsylvania, dinosaurs once roamed the area. In 1993, footprints were found near Graterford in Montgomery County in the Lockatong Formation. Other footprints have been found in Adams and York Counties. However, skeletal remains have been extremely scarce in Pennsylvania. Perhaps someday a discovery of dinosaur bones will be exciting news.

More information on dinosaurs footprints in Pennsylvania:

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