Oil and Gas Resources




Learn some of the basic terminology used by those working in the oil and gas industry.



Reports and References

The Survey has various types and vintages of reports, maps, and other references related to oil and gas resources. 



Marcellus and Utica Shales

Check out all of the publicly available data, maps, and educational information related to the Marcellus and Utica shale gas plays.




EDWIN is the state’s official database of oil and gas records reported to the Commonwealth.  Read more about this system by clicking here.



Wells on your property

If you see evidence of what may be an abandoned oil or gas well on your property, or know that a producing well exists there, learn more by clicking here.


“Colonel” Edwin L. Drake’s successful oil well in Titusville, Pa., in 1859 initiated an industry upon which most of our modern lives depend. Oil and natural gas have become essential commodities. While the earliest uses were for sources of light and heat, modern uses also include lubricating oils, fuels for everything from jets to manufacturing facilities, plastics, vinyl, paint, and synthetic fabrics. Some of the world's largest corporations are concerned with various aspects of the oil and gas industry: exploration, production, refining, marketing, and research. For more detailed information see Pennsylvania Geology, v. 29, no. 1.

Sources of general information include the map below (Map 10, Fourth Edition, 2007) and Educational Series 8, Oil and Gas in Pennsylvania (614 KB).


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