How can the Pennsylvania Geological Survey help?

Q.    Does the Pennsylvania Geological Survey have any publications that explain the stratigraphic sequence of rocks in Pennsylvania?

Yes. General Geology Report G75, which is a statewide stratigraphic correlation chart, is available for purchase from the State Bookstore. In addition, certain other Survey publications may also be useful, depending on where you are located. See weblink (below) for a listing of our publications and instructions on ordering. Open-file report OFOG 07-01.0 (weblink,below) provides an interactive stratigraphic correlation diagram for the oil and gas producing regions of Pennsylvania. This report not only illustrates the subsurface stratigraphy of rock units but also identifies those that serve as oil and gas reservoirs and offers additional references, maps, and other resources.

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OFOG 07-01.0

Q.    What kinds of maps does the Pennsylvania Geological Survey have that illustrate where oil and gas occurs in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Geological Survey maintains file copies of oil and gas base maps in our Pittsburgh office. These are available for inspection by the public during normal office hours. In addition, Map 10 (see weblink, below) illustrates the location and extent of existing oil and gas fields as of 2005.

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Map 10


Q.    What kind of oil and gas well data does the Pennsylvania Geological Survey have on file?

The Pennsylvania Geological Survey maintains a database of all the oil and gas wells in the state. This database, known as the Wells Information System (WIS), is a component of the Pennsylvania Internet Record Imaging System (PA*IRIS), and can be accessed by the public by visiting one of our offices. In addition, one may join the PA*IRIS partnership in order to access the WIS database and PA*IRIS records remotely from a desktop workstation.

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Survey Offices


For PA*IRIS partnership inquiries, please call (412) 442-5826.

Q.    Can the Pennsylvania Geological Survey provide digital maps (in the form of shape files) of the Marcellus shale, oil and gas fields and pools, or other related coverages?

The Pennsylvania Geological Survey is working on digital mapping system that will ultimately deliver such digital data to the public via the web. Currently, however, these digital files are not available for public dissemination.

Q.    Does the Pennsylvania Geological Survey have any online resources related to oil and gas exploration and development in the state, particularly as it relates to the Marcellus shale play?

Yes. Please visit our Marcellus shale home page at:

Additional Resource(s):
Pennsylvania Geology, Vol. 38, No. 1

Q.   Can I visit the Pennsylvania Geological Survey to do my own research?

Absolutely. Our offices are open to the public Monday through Friday (closed on state holidays) from 8 am to 4 pm, and no appointment is required, although calling ahead would be appreciated.

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Survey Offices

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