Survey Reports


The Pennsylvania Geological Survey has published several reports that pertain to our state’s oil, gas, coal, and other mineral resources.  Figure 1 summarizes those areas of Western Pennsylvania for which one or more reports have been prepared to review and assess oil and gas resources (areas shown in light aqua).  Figure 1 is also annotated with the particular report number(s) for each area.  For example, “M60” specifies Mineral Resource Report 60, and “C26” denotes County Report 26.  Third Pennsylvania Geological Survey reports are identified as such (for example, “3rd Survey Report 3”).

Oil and Gas report coverage

Figure 1 – Oil and gas report coverage.

Figure 2 highlights those areas of Western Pennsylvania for which the Pennsylvania Geological Survey has a progress report on file (shown in pale purple below).  Figure 2 is also annotated with the progress report number associated with each county/study area.


Progress report coverage

Figure 2 – Progress Report coverage.

Most of the reports identified above are available for purchase at the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission's State Bookstore website.  If you don't want to purchase a report, or if the one you're interested in is out of print, you can visit the library at the Survey's Pittsburgh Regional Office or Middletown Regional Office to review these publications.