Cooperative Geologist Program


In 2007-08, the Pennsylvania Geological Survey will continue its cooperative program to encourage geologic mapping and related stratigraphic and structural geology studies in the Commonwealth by academic faculty and qualified advanced students. Participants in the program will become Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Conservation Volunteers.

As explained in the announcement, this program is designed to defray travel, lodging, and subsistence expenses for geologic field work. Limited funds also are available for thin sections.

Conservation volunteers asking for renewal of funding must supply a brief report of progress with their 2006-2007 request, if they have not already provided a report. If this report is not forthcoming, the application will not be considered. Also note that the release form includes a promise of firmly specified deliverables to be submitted to the Survey at the conclusion of the project. (The form should be signed and sent in with the original application.) The “deliverable” may take the form of a final formal report suitable for open-file release, a completed thesis or dissertation, a final map product, or an article for Pennsylvania Geology.

Those wishing to apply for support should fill out the enclosed application and release/deliverable forms (or duplicates) and return them by April 13, 2007. (It is important that you include your Social Security number on the Volunteer application.) The requests will be evaluated by the Survey, and meritorious projects will be funded. Applicants will be informed of our decision concerning the proposed projects in early May.

For more information, contact Gale Blackmer at 717–702–2017.

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