Current Geologic Mapping

Geologic mapping in the field is one of the main functions of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey. The Survey continues to participate in U. S. Geological Survey's National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (NCGMP) for the states, also known as STATEMAP. Ongoing projects in FEDMAP (the USGS component of the NCGMP), EDMAP (the University component of NCGMP), and STATEMAP in Pennsylvania are listed on the USGS web site.

Other mapping projects are accomplished through DCNR’s Cooperative Mapping projects, and still others are internal projects at the Survey.

Geologic map of Pennsylvania showing locations of recent and current field mapping projects 

Click on the map (or use the list below) for more information on recent geologic mapping in the state.

Summary of the 2009 STATEMAP program (218 KB, opens in a new window).

For more information, contact Gale Blackmer at 717–702–2032.
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