Geologic Mapping in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Surficial geologic mapping is ongoing in northeastern Pennsylvania by Duane Braun, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. For information on the progress of digital products for these quadrangles, contact Tom Whitfield at 717–702–2023.

Map showing progress of surfical mapping in northeastern Pa. Click onthe  yellow circle for online reports.

Recent mapping in northeastern Pennsylvania (updated July 2008). Click on the yellow dots for online reports; or see the lists below. Open circles indicate paper open-file reports for 7.5-minute quadrangles from 1996 - 1999. Several new reports have superceded older open-file reports. See the link at the bottom of the page for more information on paper open-file reports.

On-line, 7.5-minute quadrangle surficial geology open-file reports from northeastern Pennsylvania:

See a complete list of open-file reports, which includes many paper reports of the surficial geology of the area.


Picture Rocks 7.5-minute quadrangle.Sonestown 7.5-minute quadrangle.Eagles Mere 7.5-minute quadrangle.Hillsgrove 7.5-minute quadrangle.Great Bend 7.5-minute quadrangle.Susquehanna 7.5-minute quadrangle.Starrucca 7.5-minute quadrangle.Ransom 7.5-minute quadrangle.Olyphant 7.5-minute quadrangle.Lake Ariel 7.5-minute quadrangle.Bodines 7.5-Minute Quadrangle, Lycoming County, PennsylvaniaBarbours 7.5-Minute Quadrangle, Lycoming and Sullivan Counties.Scranton 7.5-Minute Quadrangle.Hawley 7.5-minute quadrangle.Lakeville 7.5-minute quadrangle.Factoryville 7.5-minute quadrangle.Tunkhannock 7.5-minute quadrangle.Center Moreland 7.5-minute quadrangle.Kingston 7.5-minute quadrangle.Pittston  7.5-minute quadrangle.Springville 7.5-minute quadrangle.Hop Bottom 7.5-minute quadrangle.Dutch Mountain 7.5-minute quadrangle.Dalton 7.5-minute quadrangle.Laporte 7.5-minute quadrangle.Lopez 7.5-minute quadrangle.Avoca 7.5-minute quadrangle.Noxen 7.5-minute quadrangle.Harveys Lake 7.5-minute quadrangle.Sweet Valley 7.5-minute quadrangle. Red Rock 7.5-minute quadrangle.Elk Grove 7.5-minute quadrangle.Trout Run 7.5-minute quadrangle.Lenoxville 7.5-minute quadrangle.Carbondale 7.5-minute quadrangle.Moscow 7.5-minute quadrangle.Sterling 7.5-minute quadrangle.Waymart 7.5-minute quadrangle.Honesdale 7.5-minute quadrangle.White Mills 7.5-minute quadrangle.Narrowsburg 7.5-minute quadrangle.Galilee 7.5-minute quadrangle.Damascus 7.5-minute quadrangle.Aldenville 7.5-minute quadrangle.Forest City 7.5-minute quadrangle.Clifford 7.5-minute quadrangle.Coming soon: Wilkes-Barre West 7.5-minute quadrangle.Coming soon: Wilkes-Barre East 7.5-minute quadrangle.Pleasant View Summit 7.5-minute quadrangle.Thornhurst 7.5-minute quadrangle.