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Hazleton colliery.D&H canal.Archbald pothole.Anthracite miners.Map of geologic units with potential acid-forming mineralsRock and mineral kit reinvented.Embreeville thrust and street road fault: convergent tectonics in the central Appalachian piedmont, SE Pennsylvania.Piedmont tectonics.Standing Stone.Sullivan's March.Railroads and glaciation.K-Ar dating of Pa. cryptomelanes.Plant fossil evidence  for Late Pleistocene tundra conditions.Predicting landslides.Landslides in Pennsylvania through time and space.Carbon dioxide as a geohazard.Dikes in the Reading Prong, Pennsylvania, and rifting of Laurentia.Bald Hill bentonites.Postglacial bedrock gorges.Battle of Minisink.Salvage geology.Clear Springs volcanic suite.Topography and geology and the Battle of Gettysburg.Setters Formation.Piedmont stratigraphy.Geochemistry - mapping tool for metasedimentary rocks.Carbon dioxide contamination.Birdsboro basin deformation.White Clay Creek amphibolite.Bald Friar metabasalt and Kennett Square amphibolite.Zinc and lead in central Pennsylvania.Digital tools for geologic hazards.Identifying the location of a Jacob Eichholtz painting using digital visualization.Wissahickon Formation – a persistent problem in the central Appalachian piedmont.Springfield Granodiorite: tectonic and metamorphic implications for the Central Appalachian piedmont.Dividing the Wissahickon Formation.Glacial stratigraphy, sedimentology, and geomorphology at Pymatuning.Metamorphism and deformation of the Glenarm Wissahickon in SE Pennsylvania piedmont.Sinkhole formation and their affect on stream migration: examples from Northampton and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania.Coalbed methane resources and activity in Pennsylvania.Use of public rail-trails for earth and environmental science education.Titusville till stratigraphy and weathering complications, Booth Run section, Mercer County, Pa.Proximal facies of the Upper Freeport and associated cyclothems.Karst information on the cheap: data for the Phase I investigation.Conserving Pennsylvania’s geology through the Pennsylvania natural heritage program.PAMAP: New digital data to support geologic mapping and programs in Pennsylvania.Structural and temporal interpretations of the Wissahickon Formation: the first 100 years.Geologic mapping in Lancaster, PA, using CIR and LIDAR.The Gettysburg battlefield: geology's impact upon military history.Is the Avondale massif Paleozoic?Geologic sequestration investigations of the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership.Glacial depositional patterns:  potential clues to basement faulting.Origin of peloidal textures in Black River and Trenton carbonate petroleum reservoirs.Dolomite textures and porosity development in Trenton and Black River Formation.Differences between abiogenic hydrocarbons and thermogenic natural gases.Geochemistry of natural gases from Trenton and Black River carbonate reservoirs.PaGS 2007 programs.Timing of metamorphism and deformation in southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware.Contrasting metamorphic histories within the Wissahickon Formation: evidence for subdivision and tectonic implications.Wangum Falls monocline on Middle Creek, Paupack Township, Wayne County.

Northeastern Pennsylvania

  • “A very curious structure:” the Wangum Falls monocline on Middle Creek, Paupack Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania
  • Blasting rock, building locks, and hauling coal: geological influences on the construction and operation of the Delaware and Hudson (D&H) Canal, New York and Pennsylvania
  • Plunge Into the Past or Go With the Flow: Multiple Hypotheses for the Origin of the Archbald Pothole, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania
  • From Easton and Wyoming to the Genesee Castle: terrain and military geology along the route of “Sullivan's March” (1779), Pennsylvania and New York
  • The Standing Stone: a landslide-emplaced monolith on the North Branch Susquehanna River near Towanda, Pennsylvania
  • Of rails, ropes, and rocks: terrain and engineering geology along the Delaware & Hudson (D&H) Canal Co. and Pennsylvania Coal Co. (PCC) gravity railroads in northeastern Pennsylvania
  • “Phoebe Snow” and the ice sheets: how the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western railroad adapted its Scranton-to-Binghamton route to a glacially modified landscape, northeastern Pennsylvania and south-central New York
  • What did happen on top of that rocky hill? Terrain, geology, and historical uncertainty at the Battle of Minisink (1779), New York-Pennsylvania
  • Postglacial bedrock gorges in northeastern Pennsylvania: products of localized stream derangement resulting from blockage by glacial deposits

Eastern Pennsylvania

  • “King coal” on the mountain: geology, mining history, and engineering of the Hazleton shaft colliery, northeastern Pennsylvania
  • Late Neoproterozoic felsite (602.3 +/- 2 Ma) and associated metadiabase dikes in the Reading Prong, Pennsylvania, and rifting of Laurentia
  • Anthracite miners at war: military geology and engineering of the Petersburg mine—June-July, 1864

Southeastern Pennsylvania

Central and South-Central Pennsylvania

Northwestern Pennsylvania

Western Pennsylvania