Geology of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is enriched with many scenic geologic features, a wide range of landforms, and a strong geologic heritage. Survey geologists and cooperators research and map the surface and subsurface geology across the state and make their findings available through our publications and at professional meetings. This page is a portal to a variety of geologic topics and information pertinent to Pennsylvania.


Devils Den



Selected research geology abstracts written or cowritten by current or former Survey staff.

2007 Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists, Stop 6


Field Trips

The best way to see and learn about geology is in the field. Learn more about places to view geologic features and find selected field trip guidebooks here.




Some may appear like creatures from another planet but many fossils are similar to organisms found in present-day ecosystems.




About 30% of Pennsylvania was covered by glaciers during the Ice Age.  Learn more about Pennsylvania's glaciation, and find links to publications, related websites, and a glacial photo gallery.


Ticklish Rock


Heritage Sites

Geoheritage features are exemplary geologic sites that display the unique natural and historic heritage of our commonwealth.

Warriors Path State Park



Learn about the variety of landscapes in Pennsylvania and how they are controlled by the underlying geology.




PA Geology
(The Magazine)

Free online publication of the Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey. It contains articles and announcements of geologic and topographic interest.




Pennyslvania’s subsurface geology provides much insight into the geologic history of our region, and offers many opportunities for energy-resource development.