Anthracite Valley Section
Ridge and Valley Province

Anthracite Valley Section showing geology and shaded relief


The Anthracite Valley Section is a narrow to wide, canoe-shaped valley. It is enclosed by a steep-sloped mountains rim. The overall structure of the Valley is a broad, doubly plunging syncline with smaller folds. Elevations on range from 500 to 2,368 feet. The rocks are composed of sandstone, siltstone, conglomerate, and anthracite coal.

Anthracite Valley Section occurs in northeastern Pennsylvania in parts of Columbia, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Wayne, and Susquehanna Counties. A good view of the Section can be seen from Interstate 81 and State Route 11.

Some Outstanding Scenic Geological Features of the Section include Archbald Pothole, Campbell Ledge, Nay Aug Park Gorge, and Pinnacle Rock

State Parks within or immediately adjacent to the Section are: Archbald Pothole and Frances Slocum.